The Royal Family fans weigh in on Meghan Markle’s return to acting

Meghan Markle at an event.
Meghan Markle is in an ad and Royal fans are offering their opinions. Pic credit: ©

Before Meghan Markle married into The Royal Family and became the Duchess of Sussex alongside her husband, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, she was an actress.

From a humble start on a Married with Children episode in 1995, she ended her acting career in the television show Suits as the character Rachel Zane.

Now, Meghan resides in California with Harry and their children, Archie and Lilibet.

Meghan and Harry have been in the news lately because of their Christmas card. Their holiday offering did not include their children and caused an uproar among royal fans.

There had been rumors that Meghan would be picked as a Dior spokesperson, but that did not go her way.

Instead, the coveted deal was offered to an actress, Meg Bellamy, who played a young Kate Middleton in The Crown.

Meghan Markle makes a surprising return to acting

Meghan Markle has been an investor in Clevr Blends. According to their website, Clever Blends is a “mission-driven, women-led wellness brand based in coastal California.’

Hannah Mendoza, co-founder of Clevr Blends, told Town & Country that Meghan invested in 2020 and sent a basket of their coffee products to Oprah Winfrey. According to Hannah, Oprah then posted a video of the product on her social media.

The company, Clevr Blends, posted a new commercial on its Instagram page.

In part, Cleverblends captioned the Instagram post, “Had to call in some reinforcements.” One of these reinforcements was Meghan Markle herself.

Meghan appears in several scenes in the commercial. Hanna walked past Meghan packing “lattes” and then typing on a computer.

“Finally, the glue that literally holds us all together,” Hannah said of Meghan as she walked past her near a refrigerator.

In the end, in an outside scene, Meghan walked past several people, tried to do a high-five, and failed.

Royal fans flock to social media to respond to Meghan’s appearance

Fans are not taking Meghan’s appearance very well. One user said, “Oof,” and continued, “I simply did not believe she could embarrass herself any deeper than she previously had.”

Royal fans post on X about Meghan Markle.
Royal fans post on X about Meghan Markle. Pic credit: @arched_sole/@sage1411/@quickbeam71/@ReactReflect/X

Another said, “She left the royal family to be an extra on a marketing skit. At least she finally worked this year. That is one day for the year.”

Someone else replied, “Oh dear…” and for a short laugh, another said, “She was doing well in the packing department.”

At least Meghan has acting to fall back on.

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4 months ago

Well when her acting flops, she can go back to packaging coffee.