Meghan Markle ‘fears’ Prince Harry may want to return to UK

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle is worried that Prince Harry is so homesick, that he will want to return to the UK. Pic credit: ©

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shook the world when they decided to step away from their Royal duties and move to America to become independent of the Royal family.

As time has progressed, they have worked on their own personal projects such as Archewell and the Invictus Games.

Though they do have their own growing list of accomplishments, they are still not that welcome in the U.K. and have many critics, especially Meghan.

Many sources have claimed that Meghan wasn’t polite to the Royal staff and that she had some falling-outs with Kate Middleton as well.

Harry seems to have never wanted to stay in the royal limelight, especially after Princess Diana’s passing, so moving to America seemed like the best choice for the couple.

They have been settled in California for quite some time, but Meghan is concerned that Harry is going to want to return to the UK more often, or even permanently.

Meghan Markle concerned Prince Harry will want to stay close to family

Queen Elizabeth has reportedly invited Meghan and Harry and their children to visit her in Scotland while at the vacation home.

Many would urge Harry to take this chance, as his 96-year-old grandmother’s health has been declining in recent years.

However, it’s supposedly a “bittersweet invite for Meghan.”

A royal source noted, “On one hand it fuels her and Harry’s confidence that they are very much still part of the family. But after so much time away, [Meghan] fears Harry will be lured back into the fold and want to return to the U.K.”

However, they added, “Meghan doesn’t doubt that Harry is committed to spending the rest of his life in America,” but that she’s aware that visiting his family may make him feel sentimental about spending more time there.

Apparently, Harry has been rather homesick as well.

A source revealed, “She’s been aware of Harry’s homesickness for some time. She can see just how excited he is to show more of his heritage to their children, without the attention and security fears that surrounded them in London.”

Prince Harry very close to Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry have always enjoyed a special relationship together where they joke and laugh, which means that Harry likely wants to spend more time with Elizabeth while he can.

Since Elizabeth’s health has been hit or miss for quite some time now, it’s more important that Harry spends as much time with her as he can.

The source also believes that he “would love to enjoy a pint in a British pub and spend time with his family in the countryside. He’s really missed it.”

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catriona francis
catriona francis
1 year ago

The UK will not accept him back. His ratings are so low and he is regarded as spineless and weak

Patrice D Williams
Patrice D Williams
1 year ago

When a critic leaks information about activities that are not directly observable—e.g., what a person believes, thinks, feels, knows, regrets, etc.—we should know by now that an obvious lie is being told. Otherwise, the critic would include the observable behavior—what the person said, wrote, admitted, etc.—that led him/her to infer the unobservable behavior. When no observable behavior is included, most likely the assertion is an arrant lie!