Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in talks for massive career move to build their fan base 

Meghan and Harry
Harry and Meghan plan to build their own world in a new virtual universe to reach more fans. Pic credit: ©

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly planning to launch their own world in a virtual universe to attract a new generation of fans.

The royal couple is said to be in talks with an award-winning tech company to create the “Meg-averse.”

Harry and Meghan, who are living in California after quitting royal duties, are set to join the likes of celebrities Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, and Snoop Dogg in taking their star power into the world of virtual reality.

In the 3D world, visitors will wear headsets to enter a virtual reality that mimics aspects of real life, The Mirror reports.

This includes the ability to exchange goods, services, and land using currencies such as Bitcoin,

A source told the publication, “Both Meghan and Harry believe they will have an even greater ability to spread their message if they have a presence in the virtual world as well as the physical world.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘to launch new metaverse’

The source added, “They’ve spoken to a variety of experts and the view is this is the next stage to take their brand truly global.”

The virtual world could see Meghan and Harry appear as avatars in a variety of settings, like gaming, online communities, and highly-detailed business centers where they could hold events, meetings, and talks for fans.

For the Sussexes, it’s reportedly the next step in elevating their brand.

It is understood that the couple, who started their charitable foundation Archewell in 2020, are reportedly in talks with tech firm Pax World to launch the next stage of their brand business.

The tech firm is offering “immersive, life-like experiences” in the 3D world – dubbed the “Meg-averse” as Meghan is said to be the driving force.

Snoop Dogg made ‘nearly half a million dollars’ through the metaverse

It seems that celebrities can make a staggering amount of money within the metaverse.

Last year in December, someone paid a huge $450,000 to be Snoop Dogg’s virtual neighbor in Snoopverse (the name of his virtual land), as Rolling Stone reported.

Snoopverse is a digital community that resides within the metaverse platform The Sandbox.

In addition to offering exclusive NFTs including Snoop Dogg avatars, the Snoopverse gives fans a chance to buy virtual land.

In December 2022, when the first round of real estate went on sale, there was one hotspot that got snapped up for a hefty fee.

Similarly, iconic reality star Paris Hilton has also pulled in crowds of up to 400,000 people for Paris World, a metaverse created on Roblox, as Forbes reported.

Within Paris World, the blonde beauty has hosted virtual parties and carried out virtual DJ sets.

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1 year ago

All I can say is Harry seemed to enjoy his life pre Meghan,now he is money hungry and full of resentment for things he should have the same rights as William,the jealousy and anger is always there with both of them.They just need and want constant attention 24/7,nothing like his mother!!