Megan Thee Stallion’s boyfriend shares emotional message amid Tory Lanez trial

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Megan Thee Stallion’s boyfriend spoke out amid the Torey Lanez trial. Pic credit: @theestallion/Instagram

Megan Thee Stallion’s boyfriend, Pardison “Pardi” Fontaine, released a statement on Thursday amid the now-concluded trial of Tory Lanez where he was found guilty. His emotional statement spoke of his girlfriend’s courage and his empathy for women going through similar circumstances to Megan.

He began his statement as a message to any women who have suffered injustices in their lives, but, after finding the courage to speak out, were ridiculed instead of supported.

Pardi described how women who speak out face ridicule, have their credibility questioned, and their entire life dredged up and scrutinized. He stated, “In an instant you can go from victim to defendant in the eyes of the public.”

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He expressed his sympathy for the women who have experienced such things, stating, “I feel for you.” Pardi also spoke to anyone with a “daughter, sister, mother, niece or aunt” and stated that he prayed for those women’s protection.

Pardi concluded his statement by saying, “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.”

His statement showed his support for Megan and for other women who receive backlash for speaking out. Megan has been highly scrutinized by the public since her trial against Lanez began.

Megan Thee Stallion's boyfriend, Pardi, speaks out amidst Torey Lanez's trial
Pic credit: @pardi/Instagram

Megan Thee Stallion’s Tory Lanez trial explained

Lanez’s trial began on December 12. The rapper is on trial for allegedly shooting Megan in the foot back in the summer of 2020.

Since it began, the trial has sparked high media attention and has held several surprises. The trial is to determine if Lanez is guilty of shooting Megan, but testimonies have shared conflicting versions of what actually happened.

Lanez’s lawyer claimed that Kelsey Harris, a romantic interest of Lanez at the time, was the actual shooter. His defense team claims that Harris and Megan were fighting over the fact that they were both involved with Lanez, resulting in Harris shooting Megan.

However, Harris denied being the shooter and also denied witnessing a shooting or ever seeing Lanez with a gun. Meanwhile, Megan’s former bodyguard, Justin Edison, a key witness in the case who was supposed to testify, was a no-show during the trial.

During the trial, Megan also took the stand to relate in detail what happened. She underwent an intense cross-examination from Lanez’s lawyers who largely focused on why she initially lied about how she injured her foot.

Both sides presented their evidence in the case and a verdict has been reached yesterday, finding Lanez guilty.

What is Lanez on trial for?

The whole trial tied back to July 12, 2020, the date Megan alleged the shooting took place. According to her testimony, the day started with her and Lanez heading to a party at Kylie Jenner’s house.

However, things started deteriorating when Megan left the party with Lanez and Harris. The two got into an argument after Lanez tried to get Megan to tell Harris the truth about their relationship.

As things escalated, Megan ended up exiting the car and walking away. However, she then heard Lanez yell, “Dance, b***h,” at which point she froze and realized she had been shot.

At the time, Megan told police officers that she had injured her foot on broken glass because she was scared to speak out and scared that the situation would escalate if the police got involved. However, her lawyers testified that bullet fragments were removed from her foot while at the hospital.

Since the trial began, Megan has been scrutinized by the public, and she revealed in her testimony that she gets called a liar every day, as most men in power in the music industry have sided with Lanez. She has also expressed frustration that the major focus has been on her sexual relationship with Lanez, even though the trial is about him shooting her and not about their relationship.

Lanez faces up to 22 years in prison and his sentence will be determined on January 27

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