Maxo Kream’s brother Mmadu Biosah reportedly shot dead

Maxo Kream brother
Mmadu Biosah, the brother of Texan rapper Maxo Kream, was reportedly shot dead in West California. Pic credit: Mmadu Bosiah/Instagram

Mmadu Biosah, also known as Mmadu Kream, was reportedly shot dead in Los Angeles on Monday morning. He is the brother of Houston rapper Maxo Kream, who signed to Roc Nation last year.

There are no official reports mentioning Mmadu as a victim in a shooting; however he was named locally as being the man involved following an ABC7 report revealing how a 27-year-old from Texas was found on the floor in an apartment complex with a gunshot wound and was later pronounced dead.

The shooting occurred at Avalon Apartments on the 20500 block of Ventura Boulevard.

The shooting reportedly took place after 4.00 am and a roommate of the victim called the emergency services after the victim, who was said to have been outside his apartment at the time, yelled that he had been shot. At the time of writing, there had been no arrests or suspects mentioned by local law enforcement.

Mmadu Biosah went by the rap name Money Du and Maxo Kream had referenced his brother in several songs hinting at a close relationship. According to his Instagram page, Mmadu recently became a father to a daughter and supported his famous brother’s ascending rap career.

Due to the resemblance between the brothers, many fans initially believed that Maxo Kream was shot dead. However, the Roaches rapper is still alive but is yet to make any public statements regarding his brother.

Several tributes have poured in following Biosah’s untimely death.

Brooklyn rising star Pop Smoke was also murdered in Los Angeles earlier this month. Maxo Kream paid tribute to the rapper only two weeks ago with the Instagram post below, which reads “Woo in Peace Loc smh the good Die Yung and niccas hate it when yu winning Rest In Peace.”

Who is Maxo Kream?

Maxo Kream is a Houston rapper of Nigerian descent who build up a fan base with his mixtapes. He is primarily known for his classic mixtape Maxo 187, which details his life in the crime-ridden streets of southwest Houston.

In an interview with abcdrduson, Maxo revealed that one of his brothers and father had been shot before. “I feel you had to hear my backstory, on my family, on where I come from, on why I got so much anger. Like they shot my brother and my daddy, so I can’t let it be a sequel.”

Kream released his second studio album, Brandon Banks, last year. His brother, Money Mmadu, was an inspiring rapper, who released music under his rap moniker Money Du. Maxo Kream is set to tour in Australia next month; however, it is unclear how his brother’s death might impact the scheduled tour.

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