Mary-Kate Olsen officially files for divorce from Olivier Sarkozy after coronavirus court delay

mary kate olsen at CFDA Fashion 2016
Mary-Kate Olsen was finally able to file for divorce on Monday, May 25. Pic credit: ©

It took a bit longer than she may have liked, but Mary-Kate Olsen was finally able to file divorce papers to end her marriage.

Olsen was attempting to file for divorce from Olivier Sarkozy and was just recently able to get the paperwork filed, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mary-Kate Olsen successfully files divorce papers

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, resources have been limited for many businesses and offices, including the courts. That put a hold on Mary-Kate Olsen when she tried to file for divorce from French banker Olivier Sarkozy last month in New York.

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However, it’s now been reported via PageSix that the 33-year-old Olsen successfully filed those divorce papers on Monday, May 25. That’s because the courts began reopening in New York.

The paperwork should effectively end Olsen’s five-year marriage to Sarkozy, who is 17 years her elder.

Olsen also attempted to get an emergency order against Sarkozy last month to prevent him from forcing her out of the $29,000 Manhattan apartment they rented together. Unfortunately, she was unable to get that due to the court issue going on during the pandemic.

The news of the couple’s split first arrived in mid-May, but Olsen was attempting to end things before the public knew officially.

Olsen dealing with lack of privacy

Olsen and Sarkozy’s relationship first started back in May of 2012. In March two years later, Olsen was seen in photos with a ring on, prompting speculation of a marriage.

Mary-Kate married Sarkozy in November of 2015 in New York City at a private residence and had been together ever since. Now, five years later, the marriage has run its course.

Mary-Kate first attempted to file for divorce on April 17, 2020. She tried to file an emergency order, as mentioned above, on May 14 because she didn’t want to be forced out of her Gramercy Park apartment by Sarkozy.

Her attempt was to keep the documents sealed, but due to the ongoing pandemic, the documents she filed on May 14 went into an e-filing system. That meant the documents were not automatically sealed.

Based on a separate Page Six report, a fashion source who worked with Olsen said that Mary-Kate Olsen has found it “extremely difficult” to deal with her situation becoming public.

The source added, “it would not have been her decision to end a marriage and move during a pandemic.”

As of this report, the former child star of the sitcom Full House has yet to comment on her divorce officially.

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