Marcia Gay Harden wore pajamas when she happily jumped the line at Trader Joe’s due to being over 60

Marcia Gay Harden on the red carpet
Marcia Gay Harden said she was happy to admit her true age for the first time when it meant she could skip the line at Trader Joes. Pic credit: © Admedia

Marcia Gay Harden has admitted that she was happy to tell everybody she was 60 years old while on a shopping trip to Trader Joe’s in Los Angeles.

Harden bucked the decades-long trend of Hollywood actors being somewhat shy and reticent about revealing their true age when she was given the opportunity to skip the line while getting groceries.

Trader Joe’s staff have a policy of letting customers above the age of 60 jump the line and get ahead of the younger shoppers, and Harden, who turned 60 just last August, said it was the first time she was happy to shout about her age.

Marcia Gay Harden shouted, ‘I’m 60; let me in!’

Not only that, but the down-to-earth actress also admitted to wearing her pajamas in public. The crew of Good Morning America were wrapping up an interview with her when the actress hollered, “I was in my pajamas in Trader Joe’s the other day;” she then spoke of her shopping trip.

The First Wives Club star said, “I was in my pajamas… and they were like, ‘If you’re 60 come on in’, and it was the only time in Hollywood the actress is like, ‘I’m 60… let me in!'”

She did admit to hoping that no one would recognize her while she was wearing a face mask, but unfortunately, it didn’t quite go according to plan. “You couldn’t tell (it was me); I was wearing a mask – I had thought. They were like, ‘Hey Marcia, how you doing?'”

The Good Morning America crew were left laughing out loud and expressed the hope that there would be footage of Harden’s supermarket excursion.

Marcia Gay Harden is a hard-working actress

Marcia Gay Harden has been keeping very busy in the last few years; and was on Good Morning America to talk about her new show Barkskins, which is a new historical drama airing on National Geographic.

She plays the strong-willed Mathilde Geffard in the series, which is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Annie Proulx.

Harden’s description of the show was a little unusual; when asked to describe it, she said it was “exciting, massacre, and environmental, and historical.”

Last year, the Pollock actress also joined the cast of The Morning Show.

Harden has also had her problems in the past; in 2018, she was nominated for Worst Supporting Actress in the Razzie Awards for the biggest cinematic under-achievements.

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