The Razzie Awards announces their list of worst movies of 2018

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Razzie Awards for 2018 have been announced. Pic. credit: The Razzie Awards

Bright and early tomorrow morning, this year’s Oscar nominees will be announced on ABC during Good Morning America, but while we wait to see the list of the best of the best, The Razzie Awards have done their due diligence to announce their list of contenders for worst movies of 2018.

“Who will win the most uncoveted $4.97 trophy for 2018?” says the Razzies mocking this year’s “winners. Unlike other years, it could be anyone’s game.

The movies getting the most attention are the Helen Mirren ghost story, Winchester, the Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly mockery of Sherlock, Holmes & Watson and the Muppet killer movie, the Happytime Murders, but there is still plenty of others to make fun of.

Surprisingly, not a single superhero-themed movie made the list this year and we know they weren’t all great this past year.

Now in its 39th year, The Golden Raspberry has been handed out to the worst actors, directors, on-screen couple, worst remakes and more.

Unlike the most award shows, anyone can be a member of the voting party, as long as you’re willing to pay the yearly membership fee which in addition to voting rights, members also receive bragging rights (“Your Friends And Rivals Will Now Know Your Opinion Actually Matters!” says the website.) The 39th ceremony will be held on February 23, 2019.

The 2018 Razzie nominations are:

Worst Picture:
The Happytime Murders
Holmes & Watson
Robin Hood

Worst Actress:
Jennifer Garner, Peppermint
Amber Heard, London Fields
Melissa McCarthy, The Happytime Murders and Life of the Party
Helen Mirren, Winchester
Amanda Seyfried, The Clapper

Worst Actor:
Johnny Depp (voice), Sherlock Gnomes
Will Ferrell, Holmes & Watson
John Travolta, Gotti
Donald J. Trump (as himself), Death of a Nation and Fahrenheit 11/9
Bruce Willis, Death Wish

Worst Supporting Actor:
Jamie Foxx, Robin Hood
Ludacris (voice), Show Dogs
Joel McHale, Happytime Murders
John C. Reilly, Holmes & Watson
Justice Smith, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Worst Supporting Actress:
Kellyanne Conway (as herself), Fahrenheit 11/9
Marcia Gay Harden, Fifty Shades Freed
Kelly Preston, Gotti
Jaz Sinclair, Slender Man
Melania Trump (as herself), Fahrenheit 11/9

Worst Screen Combo:
“Any two actors or puppets (especially in those creepy sex scenes),” Happytime Murders
“Johnny Depp and his fast-fading film career,” Sherlock Gnomes
“Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly (trashing two of literature’s most beloved characters),” Holmes & Watson
“Kelly Preston and John Travolta (getting ‘Battlefield Earth’-type reviews!),” Gotti
“Donald J. Trump and his self-perpetuating pettiness,” Death of a Nation and Fahrenheit 11/9

Worst Remake, Rippoff or Sequel:
Death of a Nation (remake of Hillary’s America)
Death Wish
Holmes & Watson
The Meg (ripoff of Jaws)
Robin Hood

Worst Director:
Etan Cohen, Holmes & Watson
Kevin Connolly, Gotti
James Foley, Fifty Shades Freed
Brian Henson, Happytime Murders
The Spierig Brothers (Michael and Peter), Winchester

Worst Screenplay:
Death of a Nation
Fifty Shades Freed
Happytime Murders

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