Mara Wilson stuns in pink pantsuit in rare celeb sighting at Everything Everywhere All At Once premiere

Mara Wilson
Mara Wilson attended the premiere of Everything Everywhere All At Once wearing a hot pink pantsuit. Pic credit: Backgrid/Sony Pictures

Mara Wilson is most famously known for her leading role as Matilda in Danny DeVito’s 1996 film, but since her childhood acting years, the star has spent a lot of her life staying out of the spotlight.

The 34-year-old has since gone on to write books and the occasional opinion piece online, but she made a rare appearance at the premiere of Jamie Lee Curtis’s movie premiere for A24’s film, Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Although her appearance at the event was a treat in itself, Mara attracted attention with a pink pantsuit. Her pantsuit featured black accents which she matched with a black mask, black shoes, and a black shirt.

Mara Wilson stuns fans in pink pantsuit not once, but twice

Mara was spotted in the pink pantsuit twice this month— once at the Everything Everywhere All At Once movie premiere and another time at 90s Con. 

At the movie premiere, Mara’s whole outfit is visible, showing the hot pink pantsuit jacket matched with hot pink pants. The rest of the outfit was tamer with a plain black shirt being worn beneath the suit jacket.

Mara Wilson at Everything Everywhere All At Once premiere
Pic credit: Backgrid/Sony Pictures

Although only the jacket is visible in her post about 90s Con, it’s very clearly the same one. However, her pants at 90s Con remain a mystery. 

Roster Con lists 90s Con as her most recent event, with her last event being Toronto Comicon in 2018.

She wrote in her caption, “If you can’t tell, I love pink.” This time, Mara matched her nails and lipstick to the shade of pink and her undershirt included hot pink accents.

Mara doesn’t attend many celebrity events and tends to stay out of the spotlight when possible.

Why doesn’t Mara Wilson act anymore?

At only 13-years-old, Mara Wilson left the world of acting. Though she has always admired the character Matilda, she knew that one day she herself would have to grow up— and she did. 

In an interview with NPR, Mara revealed she enjoyed reading from a young age and thought that she “had a good ear for dialogue from a young age” as a result of eavesdropping on family conversations. Losing her mother when she was only eight played a large role in her staying in film because acting was consistent. 

During her time in college, she really stepped away from acting and began focusing on writing. She says she has always loved writing and it “felt so much more real than being on a set every day.” 

She has since written a novel, Where Am I Now?: True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame, and a play, Sheeple.

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