M&M’s Super Bowl commercial 2018: Danny DeVito gets hit by a truck

Danny DeVito in the M&M's 2018 Super Bowl commercial
Danny DeVito just before he’s hit by a truck in the M&M’s 2018 Super Bowl commercial

Life is sweet for Danny DeVito in the 2018 Super Bowl commercial for M&M’s — until he gets hit by a truck!

In the ad, the diminutive actor plays the role of the Red M&M, who is tired of people trying to eat him. While still in candy form he makes a wish on a lucky penny to be human and sees his wish granted — transforming into Danny DeVito on the sidewalk.

Once a human, he then runs around asking people if they still want to eat him, and is happy to find that they don’t. But while that might be good news, his luck runs out fast when he’s hit at full force by a garbage truck — which sends him hurtling into a vegetable display.

His M&M friend Ms. Brown can’t help herself after watching his antics, and picks his “lucky penny” off the floor and tells him he dropped it.

Watch the 2018 M&M’s Super Bowl commercial featuring Danny DeVito below!


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