Malu Trevejo threatens to expose Travis Scott, demands release from contract

Malu Trevejo Instagram Travis Scott
Social media star Malu Trevejo announced that she signed to Travis Scott’s label earlier this year. Pic credit: ©

Singer Malu Trevejo announced in October that she signed to Travis Scott’s record label Cactus Jack Records, but she then left a mere three weeks later.

The 19-year-old TikTok star has since threatened Scott on social media after their split initially seemed amicable.

Three weeks after signing to Cactus Jack Records in partnership with Atlantic Records, she was reportedly released from the label.

Trevejo made the announcement in an Instagram Story, with the following:

“I wouldn’t be lying about getting signed to anybody,” she said in response to those who questioned whether Travis Scott had actually signed her to his label, adding:

“Things just changed, and that’s OK because that means something bigger is waiting for me.” Malu didn’t detail why she split from the label but said she remained grateful for the experience and credited the Astroworld rapper for boosting her confidence.:

“At the end of the day what he told me a lot of times make me more confident with myself and I appreciate the time I spent with him made me realize a lot,” Malu said of Travis Scott, adding: “It was good until it last. Still mad love for u.”

She concluded the story, adding: “Love Travis and his team but moving forward to better things.”

Malu threatens to expose Travis Scott

The relationship between Malu Trevejo and the Cactus Jack Records label has since turned sour.

The social media star took to her Instagram Story to ‘expose’ Travis Scott if she is not released.

“@traviscott let me out of the contract,” she said. “Really don’t wanna expose the behind scenes s**t so just let me out of it . !!!!!”

She added in another Instagram Story slide, “Like whyyyy trying to hold me when you denied everything let me gooooo!!!!!!!!! Nowwwwwwww.”

The singer went on Instagram Live to further explain the situation saying “the whole team is weird,” in reference to Scott’s label.

In addition, she said on the Instagram Live video that she has a photo of the contract in response to those who don’t believe she signed to the label.

She previously shared a photo of the contract when she announced she was parting ways with the Goosebumps rapper’s record label.

Trevejo released the single Complicado featuring Luar La L with Scott’s label shortly before she announced the split. The music video currently has 5.3 million views.

The 19-year-old has over 22 million followers on her TikTok account and over 10 million on Instagram.

Travis Scott is currently facing over $1 billion in lawsuits following the fallout of the Astroworld Festival, where ten people were killed in a crowd rush.

Trevejo had announced that she wanted to leave Scott’s label before the Astroworld Festival; therefore, her contract issue is not related to the event.

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