Mads Lewis reveals how she found out about Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett on Call Her Daddy podcast

Mads Lewis poses for an Instagram selfie
Mads Lewis opened up about finding out about Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler. Pic credit: @madslewis/Instagram

Mads Lewis has spoken out about how she learned that her now ex-boyfriend Jaden Hossler is dating Nessa Barrett.

A very tearful and emotional Mads has appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast to explain that Jaden Hossler, had just that morning, admitted that he “likes” Nessa.

It’s unclear, so far, when this interview was recorded, but the podcast is expected to be released today.

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This whole drama revolves around TikTok stars Mads Lewis, Jaden Hossler, Nessa Barrett, and Josh Richards. Basically, Mads and Jaden were together, and Nessa and Josh were also a couple.

However, in recent weeks, Jaden and Nessa began collaborating over a single La Di Die, which they have since performed together on Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel. And there have been rumors that the pair were becoming an item.

It now seems that Jaden and Nessa are officially an item after they were spotted in public sharing an intimate moment together after performing on Ellen. At the time, a paparazzi asked them how long they’d been official, and they responded by saying they’d never been happier.

And now Mads has started to tell her side of the story. At the very start of her interview, a clearly distraught Mads said, “yeah, I’m fine. I don’t know,” and then wiped tears from her eyes. The presenter responded with, “Oh my god, so there’s more drama?”

And then Mads just came right out with, “I found out this morning that Jaden likes Nessa, so…”

Through a series of excerpts posted on the podcast’s Instagram account, we hear Mads recount part of a conversation between herself and her so-called “boyfriend” Jaden. She says, “…but before he gave me his phone, he deleted a message on his phone because I saw it.”

She then said she’d a gut feeling, so she looked at Jaden’s iPad, where she found voice recordings. She said that Jaden then demanded that she delete the recordings.

Jaden Hossler told Mads Lewis he likes Nessa Barrett

Finally, she admits: “At the very end he told me ‘I like Nessa.'”

Mads Lewis spoke about alleged Nessa Barrett and Chase Hudson kiss

Mads then went on to talk about Nessa and how she got together with Chase Hudson when he was supposedly in a relationship with Charli D’Amelio. She says, “I know she got with Chase. I was lying in the same bed as Chase and Nessa.”

This scandal led to the TikTokacalypse, when Chase Hudson, aka LilHuddy, hit back at allegations he cheated on Charli with Nessa by accusing all his celebrity TikTok buddies of being cheats.

Mads also took to Twitter yesterday, where she wrote, “I’m okay y’all. I’m just getting surgery. I love and appreciate how much you care. Much love.”

Mads Lewis tweets
Pic credit: @mads_lewis/Twitter

The Call Her Daddy podcast is expected to air on Wednesday, April 14.

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