Lul Tim reveals he is wearing a colostomy bag from Atlanta shootout that left King Von dead

Lul Tim wearing a colostomy bag after Atlanta shooting
Lul Tim shows damage he received from a bullet wound with a message. Pic credit: Lul Tim/Instagram

Lul Tim has revealed that he is wearing a colostomy bag following the deadly Atlanta shooting last year that left Chicago rap star King Von, dead.

On November 6, 2020, Lul Tim, real name Timothy Leeks, was one of four people wounded at the shooting at the Atlanta nightclub the night King Von and two other people were fatally injured.

Police arrested Lul Tim the following day after the shooting, and he was granted bail in March 2021.

The Quando Rondo affiliate has launched a rap career and garnered a following on social media due to the publicity from the high-profile death of King Von.

While it is unclear how many times he was shot, Lul Tim has revealed one of his wounds from being hit on Instagram.

Lul Tim posted several photos revealing the colostomy with the following caption: “In A (s**t bag) but I’m not In no (coffin),” before adding the hashtag #ByMyLonely.

What is a colostomy bag used for?

A colostomy bag, also called a stoma bag, is a small pouch used to collect waste from the body. It is typically worn after an individual has had a colostomy or an operation to repair a colonic gunshot wound.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, colostomy patients typically wear the bag for three to nine months. However, some conditions require patients to wear the bag permanently.

Lul Tim has not offered any additional details on how long he is wearing a colostomy bag or whether it is permanent.

Lul Tim denied being shot six times

Last month, Lul Tim was forced to deny an internet rumor that he was shot six times in the chest. According to EarntheNecklace, Tim took to his Instagram Story to deny the rumor.

The rumor stemmed from Lul Tim receiving death threats from King Von affiliates.

The 22-year-old rapper and Quando Rondo affiliate was reportedly shot the night King Von died.

Footage from the Atlanta shooting showed a man, who has been identified as Lul Tim, drop to the floor after it appeared that he had been shot.

It is unclear how many bullet wounds he suffered that night.

Lul Tim says he didn’t diss Lil Durk in new song

Lul Tim released a song titled Off the List with a music video. Rumors quickly spread that the lyrics were directed at the deceased King Von and Lil Durk.

As tension continues to build between Lul Tim and King Von affiliates such as Lil Durk, he was forced to deny dissing the Chicago rapper.

According to The Source, Lul Tim took to his Instagram Stories to clarify that he mentioned his friend Dirt rather than Durk.

“Didn’t even say that man name, my partner name dirt. Stop clout chasing fan page before I come catch you,” Tim reportedly wrote.

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