Quando Rondo shot at in Georgia after his first show since King Von’s death

Quando Rondo
Rapper Quando Rondo was shot at in Georgia after performing a show to a small audience. Pic credit: Quando Rondo/Instagram

Rapper Quando Rondo was shot at in Georgia shortly after he performed his first show since King Von’s death.

Rondo and his crew were met with gunfire while they briefly stopped at a convenience store. A member of his crew was wounded after being shot in the hand but was successfully treated at a local hospital.

Quando Rondo was rumored to have been shot and social media rumors began spreading about his alleged death. However, the 22-year-old rapper is still alive and was reportedly walked away from the shooting unharmed.

TMZ reports that Quando was not at the scene when responding police officers arrived. The outlet detailed how the shooting occurred, according to their police sources:

“Shots rang out around 3:20 AM Sunday in Blackshear, while Quando and his crew were in a parking lot off the highway. Cops believe the shooter opened fire from across the road or from the highway.”

Quando breaks silence after Georgia shooting

After being shot at in Georgia, Quando took to his Instagram Story with a message implying that he was betrayed.

“A ni**a will tell you they love you then stab you in yo.”

The Instagram story was deleted shortly after it was published and the rapper has not made any further comment publicly.

Rondo has been unable to book shows to perform his music since the shooting of King Von due to fear of violence. His first show since the shooting drew a very small crowd.

Quando Rondo’s friend was arrested for King Von’s murder

Popular Chicago rap artist King Von was killed on November 6, 2020. As previously reported, Quando Rondo’s friend Lul Tim was arrested for the murder.

Von was involved in an altercation with Quando Rondo at an Atlanta nightclub on the night he died. A video on the altercation shows what appears to be Von fighting with Quando before alleged shooter Timothy Leeks shot the 26-year-old rapper multiple times.

Von was transported to a hospital where he died from his wounds.

Timothy Leeks or Lul Tim was released on bond last month.

Quando Rondo denies mocking King Von’s death

Quando Rondo has been accused of dissing Von since his death on social media and in his music.

The rapper sat down with The Breakfast Club radio morning show co-host Angela Yee to dispel the rumors. Shortly after Von’s death, Quando Rondo released a song titled End of Story, in which he addresses the shooting.

Many fans perceived the song and the title as an insult due to King Von’s popular debut single titled Crazy Story and the follow-up records with the same name. A remix of the song was released with Lil Durk and a third version was released.

In the interview with Angela Yee, Rondo, who knew Von before their feud, claims he did not know the late rapper had songs named Crazy Story.

“Me saying ‘End of Story’ is just me saying this is the end of the story,” Quando said to Yee “I had no intentions—To be honest with you, ma’am, I didn’t even know bruh has three or four songs called Crazy Stories.”

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