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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s Apryl Jones speaks exclusively with the Domenick Nati Show and she doesn’t hold back

Apryl Jones
Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s Apryl Jones speaks exclusively with Domenick Nati and puts everything on the table. Pic credit: VH1

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s Apryl Jones spoke exclusively on The Domenick Nati Show on iHeartRadio yesterday and spilled all the tea about her relationship with Moniece Slaughter.

Domenick started off asking Apryl if she thought Moniece was really in love with Fizz.

“100% there definitely are feelings there, because, you know, she just contradicts herself a lot,” Apryl said. “One minute she says she wants Drew and I to be together, and I have those messages. Then we’re on the show and now it’s like, ‘they didn’t tell me’ and all these things, so it’s just weird.”

About Moniece, Apryl said, “I don’t really know how to read Moniece, because Moniece really does suffer from bipolar disorder and borderline personality. She’ll call it severe anxiety, whatever you wanna call it, whatever, but she really does suffer from certain things that-she contradicts herself a lot.”

Apryl was then asked if she believes she is bipolar?” Apryl replied, “Moniece is not a stable person. That’s what I’m trying to tell you.”

Domenick then said, “Fizz made your relationship official on Instagram and received shade from Joe Budden, Rico Love, and NBA star Matt Barnes. How would you like to respond?”

Apryl said, “It’s ignorance, and I think that when people don’t know, because I’ve never gone public about what has happened and transpired between me and O.” She continued, “The only thing I said was that he left his family and that was it.”

She continued discussing that break up, saying, “There’s so many things that I could say, I just haven’t said them. We haven’t been together-it’ll be four years coming up in May- and I’m just gonna keep it where it’s at. It is what it is.”

She then said, “I know what life I’ve lived. He knows what he’s done. There’s no proving a point to anybody because the simple fact is, no one has the real information because I’ve been silent and so people are gonna formulate their own opinion. They’re entitled to that.”

She concluded, “But that’s ignorant. But I don’t care. It doesn’t bother me.”

Apryl was then asked, “Are you really pregnant?”

She answered, “No. I’m not. And I definitely would have no problem coming out about the fact of me being pregnant. If I get pregnant, best believe I will announce it.”

She was then asked her take on Moniece’s abortion claim.

Apryl seemed surprised, saying, “On who? Me having an abortion?”

After the claim was repeated, Apryl said, “I don’t know where that is coming from. I’ve had two kids and I definitely would not kill my baby if I had one with Drew. As far as having an abortion-I have not had one. I’m not going to have one.”

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood airs Mondays on Vh1 8/7c.

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