Lily James has finally addressed the scandalous kissing pics taken with married co-star Dominic West

Lily James at Yesterday UK Premiere at the Odeon Luxe Leicester Square, London.
Lily James has opened up about being caught kissing her married co-star in late 2020. Pic credit: ©

Lily James has been under the microscope recently for her stunning transformation to portray sex icon Pamela Anderson in the new Hulu series Pam & Tommy and now the actress is finally opening up about her own controversial actions from the past.

Lily James has addressed the scandalous kissing pics with married co-star Dominic West

The 32-year-old actress of films such as Cinderella, Baby Driver, and Rebecca sat down for a chat with Rolling Stone magazine to discuss her role as Pamela, as well as to touch on some sensitive subjects in her personal life.

“I felt the pressure of trying to do justice to this woman,” Lily said about Pamela, adding, “What happened to her was so unprecedented and so wrong.”

Lily then touched on the scandal that rocked her world just a few short years ago when she was captured on camera appearing to get cozy with her married The Pursuit of Love co-star Dominic West in late 2020.

“Women in the public eye at some point experience some sort of difficult situation in that relationship between privacy and your life being in the tabloids,” she said.

“It was a lot. It’s a story as old as time,” Lily concluded about the topic.

Lily briefly touched on the scandal last year though she never directly addressed it

Lily hinted at the kissing photo scandal last year when she sat down for a video interview with Harper’s Bazaar, telling the magazine that she was a “rebel” and viewed rebellion as a healthy part of life.

In what appeared to be a comment related to her actions with Dominic, Lily told the magazine that she “makes mistakes all the time” and that “if you’re open you can recover from your mistakes and learn from them.”

The rumor mill began swirling when paparazzi spotted the actress and her co-star in what looked like some intimate embraces during the filming of The Pursuit of Love.

Dominic addressed the controversy himself, telling reporters via a hand-written note that he and his wife Catherine were “very much still together” despite the disappearance of the actor’s wedding ring on his finger following the photo leaks of him with Lily.

The actress went on to have a very public fling with Chris Evans, with the duo being spotted leaving a club in tandem and subsequently spending some quality time together on a park date several days later.

The romance was brief, however, and Lily was spotted three short months later snuggling up to Dominic.

Lily is currently linked to musician Michael Shuman, though details remain fuzzy about when the pair officially started dating.

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