Lil Kim responds to ‘creepy’ 50 Cent comparing her to a leprechaun

Lil Kim and 50 Cent trade words online reigniting decade-long feud. Pic credit:@lilkimthequeenbee/Instagram/@50Cent/Instagram

50 Cent took to his Instagram account to share a video of rapper Lil Kim dancing and being compared to a leprechaun.

In the original caption before deleting the video, the In Da Club rapper wrote: “I’m sorry I know it’s early, but I don’t know why s**t like this is funny to me. LOL.”

After re-uploading the video with an updated caption: 50 Cent wrote: “all i said was i thought this was funny ??‍♂️? LOL,” in response to the backlash.

The original video is a TikTok meme showing Lil Kim performing on stage with a dance routine that quickly cuts to what appears to be a leprechaun.

Lil Kim issued a response to 50 Cent accusing the rapper of having a “creepy” obsession, seemingly about the numerous times the rapper has mocked her appearance.–YfQhlAn/

Lil Kim slams ‘creepy’ 50 Cent

“Ur so Obsessed wit me this is getting creepy,” Lil Kim wrote in the comment section of 50 Cent’s Instagram as captured by The Shade Room.

The legendary rapper was not impressed, adding, “this one ain’t it bro, not funny at all. I was hoping to laugh wit u but corny.”

“U fallin off,” she added. “Im too bad and too fly in this video u reachin now but we all know why.”

Lil Kim noted that the meme has existed for several months as proof that the rapper is “obsessed” with her as she declared, “Let’s me know i’m on ur brain 24/7.”

Lil Kim’s partner Mr. Papers joined the attack and mocked 50 Cent for his 2011 movie All Things Fall Apart’s lack of commercial success.

Mr. Paper’s posted a meme of 50 Cent’s weight loss for the movie in which he plays a cancer patient.

“Remember when 50 Cent loss all that weight to play a cancer patient and STILL nobody saw the movie.” He wrote in the caption, adding “Old man lost all that weight to try n get an Oscar & this dumb ass movie ended up on B.E.T @50cent.”

Lil Kim and 50 Cent’s ‘beef’ history

On the song Love Me on the 8-mile soundtrack. 50 Cent expressed his dissatisfaction with Lil Kim’s plastic surgery while admitted that he was attracted to her. He wrote the following lyrics:

“I thought Lil’ Kim was hot then she start f**king with her nose”

The pair seemingly made up and collaborated on a song for Lil Kim’s album La Bella Mafia – the 2003 single Magic Stick.

In the 2005 diss track aimed at his rivals, 50 Cent again mocked Lil Kim’s post-surgery appearance with the following lyrics: “Freak b***h look like Kim before the surgery.”

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