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Liam Payne YouTube series: One Direction star seeks fans’ help with weekly show

one direction singer liam payne
Liam Payne is seeking the help of his fans with his weekly YouTube show. Pic credit: Official Liam Payne/YouTube

A weekly Liam Payne YouTube series has been showing the One Direction singer’s fans what he’s up to and what’s on his mind during the coronavirus pandemic.

Now Payne is looking to his fans for some creative assistance in giving the show something extra to kick off each episode.

Liam Payne looks to fans to help with YouTube show

Each week, One Direction singer Liam has posted a new YouTube episode on his official channel. The series is called Liam Payne – Weekly Wrap Up and has five episodes so far.

Payne’s topics have included Travis Scott, quarantine ghosts, karaoke with Adam Sandler, Harry Potter trivia, and One Direction memories.

It’s given Liam’s fans a way to stay updated with the singer in a new way during the pandemic which has plenty of people staying home and looking for entertainment.

On Wednesday (May 27), he took to his Twitter to request his fans give him some help with the YouTube series.

“I’m in need of your help! I’m looking for a new intro to my weekly video and thought of your creative lot!” Payne said on a caption to his Twitter video.

In the 35-second video clip, Liam explains, “I’ve been doing this (recap show) for a month now…This is like, my little show that’s been doing great, and I need an opening graphic; I need to be professional.”

“I wanna reach for stars with this, I want to have a nice opening, cool graphic thing. I thought to myself, ‘Who’s the most creative people I know?’ (and) it’s probably you guys!” Payne added.

Payne talks conspiracy theories and karaoke in new video

In Payne’s newest video he tells his fans there isn’t too much to report for the week. He mentions staying home a lot and having writer’s block recently but that’s something most creators probably deal with.

Payne also recalls a story about singing karaoke and originally having a fear of it when he was younger. However, he pushed through his fears in an American bar as a kid. That resulted in the bar owner giving him a special privilege that the adults had in that bar.

As Liam mentioned he hasn’t been going out much in London, but if things stay according to the schedule he may be performing in public again.

Right now, Liam Payne has several “Streaming Live” dates scheduled in the coming days on his official website. Those are set for May 28 and 29.

He’s also got the Pinkpop Festival still on the schedule for June 20 in Landgraaf, Netherlands followed by the Men Mares Vivas Festival in Portugal on July 18.

Check out Liam Payne’s official website for more of his schedule and latest news.

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