Lauren Alaina opens up about dating ‘addict’ boyfriend in emotional post

Lauren Alaina on the red carpet
Lauren Alaina has revealed her mental struggles in dealing with a partner who suffers from addiction. Pic credit: ©

Country music singer Lauren Alaina has opened up about the mental trauma of dating an “addict” boyfriend in an emotional statement posted to her Instagram account.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the 26-year-old singer chose to reference that fact when she posted the lengthy statement yesterday. She chose to speak out in general about the mental difficulties that she and other women have suffered due to their partners’ addictions.

In the statement, Alaina explained that she “went through a personal experience that truly stopped [her] in [her] tracks. It was very public, and it was very hurtful.”

Thankfully, Alaina said that she got the help and therapy needed to help “get [her] feet back on the ground.”

She added: “It has been almost two years, and I am still getting messages from women who were wrapped up in the same narrative I was wrapped up in.”

“Being in a relationship with an addict is scary, deceitful, and hard to manage. I was fortunate to have access to tools to help me through that time, and I realize some of the people affected may not have had the same opportunity.”

Alaina finished up her statement by writing that her foundation, My Kinda People, would be donating to Mental Health America to “hopefully move the needle for people out there who need their own healing.”

Lauren Alaina thanked those who supported her

On Instagram, she wrote that she had finally put this chapter behind her and that she hopes “we can all find the forgiveness and healing we need.” She added: “Thank you to everyone who has supported me.”

Lauren Alaina’s dating history explained

For several months in 2019, Alaina dated Christian comedian John Crist; however, the pair’s breakup was well documented by the media in September of that year.

In November of the same year, Crist was accused by multiple women of sexual harassment. At the time, Crist reportedly admitted to engaging in “sexual sin” and of having “addiction struggles.” 

Later that year, Alaina appeared on Dancing With the Stars, and she had this to say about the break-up with Crist: “I went through a breakup two weeks before I came on this show. Kind of a crazy time, but being on Dancing With the Stars has been the perfect recipe for healing my broken heart.”

She added: “This show has been like my new boyfriend. I’m dating Dancing With the Stars and it’s going great.

Previously, Alaina had been with boyfriend Alex Hopkins for six years, and the pair even got engaged; however, they announced in January 2019 that they were separating.

Alaina received a massive amount of support and encouragement from fans in the comments section of her Instagram post, with many sending her heart emojis and stating their love for the singer.

One Instagram user called @vodkalana wrote: “Thank you for sharing this! Sometimes we have to go through some really bad times to realize just how strong we are and girl you are STRONG!!”

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