Comedian John Crist: Who is Lauren Alaina’s boyfriend?

John Crist doing a set at a comedy show.
John Crist is dating Lauren Alaina. Pic credit: johnbcrist/YouTube

Lauren Alaina has a new man in her life. She ended a six-year engagement a few months ago, and recently, she debuted her new beau.

Back in January, when Lauren Alaina and Alex Hopkins announced their split, fans of the country music star were stunned. She has been in the spotlight since appearing on Season 10 of American Idol. Almost eight years ago to the day, she came in second place on the popular show.

Now, Lauren is focusing on her new relationship with John Crist. The two recently went public, and things appear to be going well for the couple.

Who is John Crist?

Some Lauren Alaina fans may recognize John Crist as a popular comedian. He has been shared all over social media and many of his YouTube videos have millions of views. Crist has over 415,000 subscribers on his channel, and the number continues to grow.

Crist grew up in the deep south. His father was a pastor, and he is one of eight children – all of them homeschooled. With an upbringing like that, he has been able to put together some pretty hilarious skits and jokes.

His jokes about religion have resonated with the demographic that isn’t often interested in mainstream comedy. John Crist found his niche and has made a name for himself in the world of comedy, often coming recommended by big names like Jeff Foxworthy and Louie Anderson.

What is next for Lauren Alaina and John Crist?

During an interview with People, the couple discussed their 11-year age gap. Lauren Alaina is 24 and John Crist is 35. It doesn’t appear to bother either family as they have both been introduced.

While Lauren is fresh off a long-term relationship that ended, John hasn’t seriously dated in several years while focusing on his career. Now, things are changing and both appear to be happy with one another and with the direction things are headed.

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