Lala Kent dad death: How did Kent Burningham die?

Lala Kent talking with Tyler Henry on Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry
Lala Kent wants to connect to her dad, Kent Burningham. Pic credit: E!

Lala Kent was dealt a huge blow last April when her father, Kent Burningham, died unexpectedly. The Vanderpump Rules star went into a downward spiral, lashing out in the most devastating ways.

On April 21, 2018, Lala Kent lost the man she loved most in this world. Her father, Kent Burningham passed away unexpectedly due to a stroke. He was just 64 at the time of his passing.

Lala Kent appears on Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry

Tonight, Lala Kent will be read by Hollywood medium, Tyler Henry. The previews indicate that her father, Kent Burningham may make an appearance through him.

Given the intense amount of sorrow Kent has felt following the loss of her dad last year, this may be something she needed.

How Kent Burningham’s death affect Lala Kent

In just one month, it will have been a year since Lala Kent lost her dad. This has been a monumental moment in her life, one that has changed the course of all of her plans. Kent became engaged to boyfriend, Randall Emmett on her birthday last year, months after her dad’s passing.

She is in the midst of wedding planning, but won’t have her dad there to walk her down the aisle. Lala Kent got emotional thinking about that, revealing that is going to be a hard reality. Their relationship was incredibly close and it was said that Randall Emmett received Kent Burningham’s blessing to marry his daughter.

When Vanderpump Rules premiered earlier this season, Lala Kent opened up about the loss of her father and the way it has changed her life. She related more than ever to Jax Taylor, who had lost his father just a few months prior.

The Vanderpump Rules girls attended Kent Burningham’s wake and continued to be there to support Lala Kent during the rocky months following his passing.

In fact, she even decided to take a break from Randall following a girls trip out of town. The two reconciled and she revealed it was just a part of the emotional rollercoaster she had been on the last several months.

The relationship between Lala Kent and Kent Burningham was special. She loved her dad very much, and living without him has proven to be harder than expected.

Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on E!

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