Kristoff St. John’s last appearance in (My) Truth, Corey Feldman claims late Y&R star was a childhood friend

Kristoff St. John and Corey Feldman were friends.
Soap opera icon Kristoff St. John was a life-long friend of Corey Feldman. Pic credit: and Carrie-Nelson

Kristoff St. John’s last appearance is in (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys. Actor Corey Feldman claims the late star of The Young and the Restless was a childhood friend.

The highly anticipated documentary by Feldman details the abuse he suffered at the hands of entertainment industry professionals when he was a teen. Feldman also declares that his friend and costar, the late Corey Haim, endured the same abuse from Hollywood adults.

Corey and Kristoff childhood friends

Like Corey, Kristoff was a childhood actor. The soap opera icon had family ties in the entertainment industry. He landed his first job at the age of nine — launching one of the most memorable careers on television.

Kristoff met Corey for the first time in 1979 when they were both cast in the CBS comedy, The Bad News Bears, which was based on the 1971 film. They played two of the kids on the ragtag baseball team.

The two childhood stars quickly became friends, reaming close until Kristoff’s sudden death in February 2019. Not many people knew the two actors were friends. Corey let the cat out of the bag when answering a fan question on Twitter two years before Kristoff’s passing.

When a user asked Corey if he ever talked to any of his Bad News Bears costars, Kristoff was the first person he named. He made sure to let the fan know that they had been friends for decades.

Kristoff was sexually abused as well

Sadly, like Corey, Kristoff was sexually abused as well. The actor first opened up regarding his ordeal in a film he produced and directed with his father in 2014.

A Man Called God featured Kristoff and his father, Christopher St. John, detailing their family’s “spiritual excursion” to India when Kristoff was a teen. The film chronicles how the St. John family became trapped in a horrific cult that was far from a godly experience.

It was during the time in India that Kristoff was sexually abused at the hands of the cult leader, guru Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Footage from their time in India sat on a shelf for decades before Kristoff was finally able to convince his father that their journey should be told. The actor fought for the footage to be released so that Kristoff could share his story in the hope of helping others.

Corey Feldman’s childhood friend, Kristoff St. John, is in (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys. It is the last television appearance The Young and the Restless star made before his death.

Those interested in watching the documentary can buy it on the film’s website.

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