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Kirsten Corley: Everything you need to know about Chance the Rapper’s baby momma

kirsten corley with her husband chance the rapper
Kirsten Corley Bennett and husband Chance the rapper. Pic credit: @kaydoggg/Instagram

Chance the Rapper officially released his first debut album with The Big Day. The title of the album itself refers to none other than a big day Chance had in his life – his wedding ceremony. So who is his wife Kirsten Corley? Here are the details to know about Chance the Rapper’s baby momma.

The Big Day focuses on Chance’s wedding, family

The majority of Chance’s new album is based on his wedding day, as it follows the rapper through that particular journey. Chance, real name Chancelor Jonathan Bennett, married girlfriend Kirsten Corley in March of this year. He posted a photo of his wife and himself on their big day on his Instagram with the simple caption, “The Bennetts.

Additionally, tracks on the new album are focused on family as well as Chance’s and his wife’s kids. While Kirsten Corley and the kids don’t appear on any tracks, Chance’s brother Taylor Bennett is on the track Roo, while Chance’s father Ken Bennett assisted with writing on Eternal.

Chance met Kirsten at age 9, marriage came years later

Per USA Today’s report, Chance said he first met Corley in 2003. The hip-hop star said he was just nine at the time and it was at his mother’s office party. In a series of Twitter posts, he relayed a story about their meeting, indicating that Kirsten caught his eye after she was introduced with two friends to the party goers as “Destiny’s Child.”

While they weren’t the actual singing group, it still got Chance’s attention enough. His father suggested Chance show off dance moves to impress the girl, but the future hip-hop star played it cool.

That’s because Chance also said he knew at that moment he was going to marry this girl one day. That came true over 15 years later for the couple. Chance proposed on July 4, 2018. They were officially married on Dec. 27, 2018, in Chicago via a civil union.

The more traditional wedding ceremony took place in early March 2019 in Newport Beach, California at Pelican Hill. Family, as well as friends such as Dave Chappelle, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian were in attendance.

Chance & Kirsten’s children, former dispute

Chance may have met Kirsten at age nine, but they reportedly didn’t start dating until 2013. Two years later, they had their first child. Kensil Bennett was born in September of 2015.

It wasn’t all sunny for Chance and Kirsten, though. In 2016, the couple had stopped living together. That resulted in Kirsten trying to get the courts to require Chance to pay child support as the father of Kensil.

The couple eventually worked things out in March of 2017 with an out of court settlement. Luckily, they patched things up and eventually were declared husband and wife this past year.

Kirsten Corley age, education, interests, & work

Kirsten Katrina Corley, now Kirsten Corley Bennett, was born back on May 31, 1993. That makes her 26 today. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, and is an alumnus of DePaul University.

Various sources indicate that Corley has worked in advertising and branding as a freelancer or with the agency Worn Creative. In addition, she’s worked in real estate.

Chance’s wife Kirsten also worked a bit as a model, per Billboard’s report. She appeared in an Alexander Wang t-shirt and maroon bomber jacket back in a 2004 editorial shoot. She frequently posts pictures of herself modeling different attire including swimsuits, Jordan brand gear, or Halloween costumes on Instagram.

She also appears to enjoy basketball and reality TV during her life. During their relationship and prior to marriage, Chance the Rapper posted a special song to Kirsten Corley. His verse in the Twitter video mentions her six-foot frame and that she used to hoop. It gives other details about his wife and their relationship as well. Corley makes a cameo appearance at the end of the video to laugh as Chance points the camera at her.

Chance also gave his wife and daughter a shout out when he won Grammys in 2017 for Best New Artist and Best Rap Album. It was a major highlight of his career and life, along with his marriage to Kirsten and their child. He expressed thanks to God for his parents and also the two biggest loves in his life during his acceptance speech.

It’s been an on-and-off relationship with plenty of ups and downs for the couple. However, based on Chance’s new album The Big Day, it appears that he and Kirsten Corley have weathered the storm to continue a beautiful life together.

See more details about Kirsten Corley, her family, and life interests at her official Instagram here.

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