King Charles leaves the hospital and fans go wild with well wishes

King Charles at a random event.
King Charles left the hospital today and fans are wishing him well. Pic credit: ©

King Charles had to undergo a procedure on his enlarged prostate, requiring a hospital stay last week.

The stay was initially slated to be for two nights but ran longer, causing some unease in royal circles.

King Charles cannot do any of his official royal duties while recovering. His recovery and Kate Middleton’s long coalescence will hamper the royal family’s official diary of appointments.

Kate, who was just released from the hospital for her abdominal surgery today, is not expected to fulfill any official duty until at least Easter.

The Royal Family’s Instagram account posted a photo of the King and his wife, Camilla, as he left the hospital.

The post is captioned, “Thank you to all those who have sent their good wishes during The King’s hospital stay. His Majesty is delighted that his diagnosis is having a positive impact on public health awareness.”

‘God save the King!’ fans posted over and over on social media

The smiling face of King Charles, as he waved to fans and reporters as he left the hospital, eased everyone’s minds over his health and well-being.

Fans flocked to social media to send him their sentiments.

In a sampling from the fans, one says, “Wishing you a speedy recovery.”

Another said, “God save the King.”

Yet another echoed, “Thank God! God save the King.”

A fourth fan asks for a speedy recovery for King Charles.

Fans of the Royal Family wish King Charles a speedy recovery
Pic credit: @theroyalfamily/Instagram

In another sampling from Instagram, a fan wishes His Majesty a “speedy recovery! All the best.” Another fan says, “Get well soon, Your Majesty.”

Yet another fan called him “our beloved king.” One last fan echos what everyone is feeling, “Sending well wishes to our King.”

Fans of King Charles wish him well.
Pic credit: @theroyalfamily/Instagram

Queen Camilla plays a significant role in King Charles’ recovery

Queen Camilla is an essential figure in King Charles’ life. Married since 2005, Camilla broke royal protocols by visiting her husband often while he was in the hospital.

Sky News confirms that Camilla visited the King every day in the hospital while he was there.

As the Intelligencer reports, it is unheard of for a royal spouse to visit, let alone accompany a loved one into the hospital. Camilla was also there when King Charles was admitted for his procedure.

This relaxing of the unwritten rules of royal life is not only endearing, it is refreshing as well.

After all, the royals are humans and deserve to have their loved ones with them during hospital stays and surgeries.

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