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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West warn former bodyguard with cease and desist order, possible lawsuit

kim kardashian and kanye west
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West issued a cease and desist order to their former bodyguard. Pic credit: ©

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have officially sent a cease and desist letter to their former bodyguard, asking him to stop talking about them.

The cease and desist went to ex-bodyguard Steve Stanulis after he appeared on a recent podcast and was spilling some interesting details about Kanye West.

Kim and Kanye warn Stanulis with a possible lawsuit

According to TMZ’s report, the cease and desist order could end up costing Steve Stanulis $10 million via a lawsuit if he doesn’t stop making “false and defamatory” statements about Kim and Kanye.

It comes over four years after a confidentiality agreement was put in place with Stanulis. He signed that back in February 2016, and it was to ensure he wouldn’t talk about the couple’s personal or business info anywhere.

The latest trouble came about when Stanulis appeared on the Hollywood Raw with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn Podcast several weeks ago. It’s not specified what exactly Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had the biggest issue with. However, there is speculation.

During the podcast episode, Stanulis spoke about Kanye’s “ridiculous rules.” Those included having to walk 10 paces behind him when they were out on the street, and even a rule for Stanulis to not block paparazzi shots of Kanye.

In addition, Stanulis called his former boss, the “neediest” and “moodiest” celebrity he worked for.

Back in May of 2016, a similar situation came about involving Stanulis talking about Kim and Kanye. The couple threatened Stanulis with a $10 million lawsuit back then as they alleged he was selling stories about them.

Kim and Kanye also demanded a public apology then, but there doesn’t appear to be that request this time around, per reports.

Stanulis’ rep gives statement about ‘threatening letter’

Stanulis’ publicist Zack Teperman weighed in on the cease and desist order calling it “bullying” via a “threatening letter” against his client.

Teperman told TMZ that “no breach of any confidentiality agreement was done. My client went on a podcast to promote his new film, and old stories that were already out there were brought up.”

As of 2016, Stanulis switched careers. He decided to leave the bodyguard profession and now works as an actor and director. His latest project is a new movie, 5th Borough starring Tara Reid, which is slated to come out on June 3.

And based on comments from Teperman, Stanulis has already made it know that he has nothing but respect for his former boss.

“For Kanye and Kim’s counsel to send out a threatening letter to bully my client against his rights is unwarranted. My client has already made it clear that he respects Kanye, their time working together,” Teperman also told TMZ.

In addition to his other comments, Teperman suggested that the celebrity couple’s “time and money would be better suited helping out with more pressing matters in our society than what happened many years ago.”

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