Kevin Hart pushing for arrest of police officers involved in death of George Floyd in Minneapolis

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Kevin Hart has called for the arrest of all four police officers who were involved in the death of George Floyd. The incident took place last week in Minneapolis, and Hart has been very vocal about action being taken.

The Jumanji actor took to social media and shared a series of tweets over the weekend that condemned the actions of the Minneapolis, Minnesota police officers.

Though the officers have all been fired, Hart felt that justice still had not been served and that simply dismissing them from the force was not going to be enough.

Kevin Hart shares his thoughts on Twitter

In one post that Hart made on Twitter, he wrote, “You can’t ask for peace if your not willing to give JUSTICE….people want JUSTICE. It’s that simple….Throw all of those cops in jail NOOOOOWWW. That’s taking action….Point blank!!!! This is what we want to see…..JUSTICE.[sic]”

Later, Hart would follow that up by saying, “Be apart of the conversation of change….we want and need change. The system is flawed and needs to be corrected. The police need to be policed….we need laws in place that will give us the safety that we as people deserve. Stop ignoring the PROBLEM.”

Derek Chauvin — who was the officer videotaped placing his knee on the neck of Floyd to subdue him — has been arrested and charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

The other three police officers involved in the death of Floyd have not been arrested, nor have they been charged with any crimes. It is the point of many of Hart’s tweets.

Several more tweets followed that are shared below:

Kevin Hart continues taking to Twitter

On Monday, Hart also took to Twitter to update his followers on his thoughts. It included sharing a tweet that comedian Chris Rock had sent out – while also leaving a reply to it.

Nothing that he saw take place on the news addressed his request for justice. That didn’t happen when President Trump spoke to the nation, either.

The conversation for change is an important one for Kevin Hart, and he has not been pulling any punches with the way that he expresses himself on social media about it.

Hart also tried to hammer home one particular point on Twitter: “This is not about RIOTING & LOOTING….do not let that become the narrative…..This is about social injustice….THIS IS ABOUT THE UNFAIR TREATMENT THAT PEOPLE OF COLOR HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH YEEEAAAARRRRSSS!!!!! THATS WHAT THIS IS ABOUT…”

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