Kenan Thompson teases sneak peek of Pete Davidson’s SNL return

Kenan Thompson
Kenan Thompson talks SNL. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Kenan Thompson is excited about Pete Davidson’s return to SNL as a host, and he’s spreading the news.

The Nickelodeon alum caught up with ET on Thursday, where he showed support for Pete. 

Kenan was on hand for the premiere of Bupkis, a new comedy series by Peacock based on the life of Pete Davidson. 

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Of course, Kenan took the opportunity to drop hints about Pete’s upcoming SNL hosting gig.

He expressed excitement for the audience to see what Pete had in store, revealing why the week was like a week off.

Kenan’s remarks definitely drummed up publicity and increased curiosity as fans wait with anticipation for Pete’s SNL return. 

Kenan Thompson teases Pete Davidson’s SNL return

Kenan told ET that things were easier whenever a castmate returned to SNL as a host.

He explained, “It’s like a week off for us because they know how to do the show.” 

In addition to being laidback, Kenan revealed the whole cast had fun when a former SNL member returned.

Finally, Kenan explained that Pete had his own ideas because he was a comedian, increasing the show’s creativity.

He continued, “We don’t have to hand-walk them through every single part of it. Usually, they come with ideas too, so like a quarter of the show is almost already done. It’s just a fun easy week for us.”

Every Chad Ever: Part 1 - SNL

As for specifics, Kenan said that Pete would bring a blend of classic characters and new characters. SNL fans may see the infamous Chad, who won the hearts of many, including Kim Kardashian.

But don’t expect to hear about Kim in Pete’s monologue.

Pete Davidson’s SNL return won’t include Kim Kardashian jokes

While comedic material often draws from personal experiences, Pete has shied away from joking about his impressive dating history. Instead, he has opted to tell tales of his life on Staten Island, living in his mom’s basement. 

According to sources, Pete has opted to navigate his love life and career in a balanced and respectful manner, separating the two, at least when it comes to Kim Kardashian.

Sources told Page Six that Pete is “being a gentleman” on SNL.

In this case, that involves not mentioning Kim during his upcoming hosting gig.

The source added that Kim and Pete decided to “drop everything” and “move on,” which meant no references to their brief love affair.

Next weekend will be the weekend of Pete, with his new show Bupkis premiering on May 5. One day later, Pete will return to SNL for the first time since he departed as a host for the May 6 show.

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