Kelly Ripa teases ‘secret collab’ after she’s confused with Taylor Swift

Kelly Ripa at an event
Kelly Ripa teases a “secret collab” with Taylor Swift. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, are having a fun week on Live with Kelly and Mark.

It started with Kelly voicing how upset she was over the weekend when she had to stay home while Mark went to a Madonna concert.

Kelly said she was on her “deathbed” and wondered who would give her hot soup with Mark gone.

Then, once she felt better, she could go to a midweek holiday party thrown by my producer, Michael Gelman, and his wife, Laurie Gelman.

Kelly described the games at this party as some “vicious blood sport.” As Kelly said, Michael Gelman had some serious gameplay during the party, all for “a $10 gift card.”

Kelly and Mark spoke of the party fondly and even posted photos on their Instagram thanking the hosts.

Kelly teases that she is working with Taylor Swift because of this mix-up

As soon as Kelly and Mark finished talking about not giving each other gifts this year, Kelly cheekily brought up a fun new collaboration she had no idea was in the works.

Kelly said, “A lot of people don’t know that I’ve been working on a secret collab with Taylor Swift.” She then pointed out that people don’t know about it, even “Taylor doesn’t know about it.”

She then held up photos a fan had posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, and joked about them. The user who posted it had no idea that the picture was of Kelly; she called the person a “random lady.”

The user posted that her sister “ordered some pajamas on Amazon, and there’s this random lady on the red era.”

This random lady happens to be Kelly Ripa. “The Kelly Ripa,” as Kelly pointed out today during the hot topics section of Live.

Kelly joked with Michael Gelman about when the photo was taken. Kelly pinpointed the exact time; she remembered it clearly.

Kelly played on a show named Hope and Faith, and the photo is from a fake mock-up cover of an American Airlines in-flight magazine for the show.

Fans of Kelly Ripa immediately set the record straight

When the user posted about the pajama mix-up, fans let them know precisely who was featured in the photo of a “random lady.”

Fans respond about a photo of Kelly Ripa on X.
Pic credit: @yourelosingit13/X

One user said, “Random lady? I think it’s past your bedtime.”

Another asked, “Why does it look like it could be Kelly Ripa?”

Fans respond about Kelly Ripa on X
Pic credit: @yourelosingit13/X

After another user asked, “Is that Kelly Ripa, ” the original poster said, “LMAO, I THINK SO.”

While a “secret” collaboration between Kelly Ripa and Taylor Swift would be great, and fans would love it, it is not currently in the works. It was just a mix-up with pajamas this time.

Live! With Kelly and Mark airs weekday mornings on ABC.

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