Kellin Quinn hits back after being accused of cheating on his wife

Kellin Quinn takes a selfie on Instagram
Kellin Quinn has addressed rumors of his infidelity by accusing people of making things up for likes and follows. Pic credit: @kellinquinn/Instagram

Sleeping With Sirens frontman, Kellin Quinn has hit out on Twitter at allegations that he cheated on his wife.

The singer has been married to Katelynne Lahmann since 2013, and he felt the need, last night, to address rumors of his infidelity after he began trending on Twitter on Tuesday.

Rumors have been swelling around the internet since a TiKToker calling herself Madie O’Neill posted a video to TikTok claiming that she would expose a “pop punk front man” for cheating on his wife with her.

In the video, O’Neill remained silent and did not name any names, but she set it to the tune of King For A Day, a collaboration between the band Pierce the Veil and Kellin Quinn.

Now, it turns out that Pierce the Veil frontman Vic Fuentes is unmarried, which meant many have assumed that Quinn is the one being accused here.

O’Neill followed up her first video by posting a couple of screenshots of a text conversation between her and the alleged adulterer.

It has led to many fans expressing their disappointment that the singer may, in fact, be a cheat.

Kellin Quinn says ‘I love my wife’

However, an angry-sounding Kellin took to Twitter last night to slam those who he claims are trying to get people canceled so they can get more follows.

He wrote: “I love my wife I love my kids, and we have a REAL life. Trying to cancel people to get follows is pure f**king evil.”

Kellin Quinn's tweet
Pic credit: @Kellinquinn/Twitter

See the original video below.


Fans railed to Kellin Quinn’s defense

Many fans leaped to Quinn’s defense in the replies.

One Twitter fan pointed out that messages are quite easily faked and suggested that O’Neill might just be looking for influence: “it’s so easy to fake messages, this girl is looking for clout and I’m so sorry you’re the target. evil people exist and I’m so sorry.”

Kellin Quinn fans suggests messages are faked
Pic credit: @_autumn_meadow/Twitter

Another fan suggested that O’Neill might have been a shunned groupie who was out for revenge. They wrote: “She’s probably just another groupie with a crush who got turned down… She’s pathetic and I’m sorry you have “fans” like that.”

Quinn fan says TikToker is pathetic
Pic credit: @BabyGirll1228/Twitter

Some folks pointed out that the so-called text conversation was fairly innocuous and wasn’t proof of cheating occurring. The conversation involved them discussing why they were still awake at 5 am; the individual in question replied to O’Neill by writing, “cuz you luv to hate me.”

Madie O'Neill posts alleged screenshots
Pic credit: @

O’Neill stated in her first video that she didn’t know he was married at the time.

A high-profile case involving confirmed cheating occurred last month when preacher to the stars, Carl Lentz, was found to have cheated on his wife of 17 years, Laura Lentz. The affair became public when he was fired from the Hillsong Church.

And earlier this month, Minnesota Timberwolves star, Malik Beasley, was accused of cheating on Montana Yao after he was photographed arm in arm with Larsa Pippen.

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3 years ago

Tbh, the “You luv to hate me” part is from the lyrics of a song Kellin was featured on by the same name from the band “Story Untold”. So yeah :D

Chantel Anderson
Chantel Anderson
2 years ago

So telling some person your going to sleep is cheating now?! Dammmmmmnn been out of the game too long here ? I literally can’t with people . assuming it is Kellin psh I see no cheating be gone thot- channie