Kathy Griffin details ‘graphic’ vocal surgery following ‘cancer journey’

Kathy Griffin
Get up close and personal with Kathy Griffin. Pic credit: ©

Have you ever wanted to take a look at Kathy Griffin’s vocal cords?

Well, now you can!

In a recent TikTok share, the comedian got up close and personal with fans as she shared video footage of the cords before she underwent surgery for them.

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Kathy filmed her pre-op appointment and shared it on TikTok, showing the moments when her surgeon sent a scope up her nose and around to assess the damage to her vocal cords.

“First step is the numbing spray. Then the scope goes up the nose, down into the vocal cords!” she explained in the video. “As you can see, the left cord is paralyzed.”

Plus, she notes that she’s aware that her vocal cords look like “a mini vagina.”


I so appreciate you guys following along on my hourney to get my voice back after #lungcancer !!! Thank you so much to Dr.Barbu!!! #wellnessjourney #cancer #survivor #fyp #foryoupage #comedia #comedian #standup #standupcomedy #vocal #kathygriffin

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Kathy Griffin is cancer-free

The video also showed a shot of Kathy post-surgery.

The surgery to correct the vocal cord was apparently necessary for her Las Vegas show this summer, and as she calls it, it’s “just part of my recovery post-lung cancer surgery.”

She continued, “I’m cancer-free, so anyway a little scratchy today, but I’ll be in good shape.”

The comedian had part of her lung removed in 2021 due to a lung cancer diagnosis. Four months after surgery, Kathy was cancer free and continues to keep up with her cancer-free life.

Of course, part of remission is taking care of herself now and always checking and going for scans to stay healthy. The vocal chord surgery was just part of this journey, which has been long and even resulted in complex PTSD.

Kathy Griffin reveals complex PTSD diagnosis

Earlier this year, Kathy revealed that she has an “extreme case” or “complex PTSD” following an MRI check-up.

“Let’s talk about PTSD. Never talked about it publicly,” she explained in a video.

“You can laugh or whatever, but I’ve been diagnosed with complex PTSD, and it’s called an extreme case.”


Never talked about this publicly. I have lots of tools, but it is extremely intense. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. If you’re someone who also deals with this, I am sending you lots and lots of love. #PTSD#Depression#Anxiety#ComplexPTSD

♬ original sound – realkathygriffin

Her diagnosis seems to stem from an event a little over five years ago, and based on her wink, it was likely around the time she came under fire for posing with a picture of Donald Trump’s severed head. Yikes.

The backlash was immense, both professionally and personally, so it does seem likely that the consequences of her actions caught up with her.

Whether or not she regrets it can’t be said for certain, but we do know that she’s taking care of herself and keeping up with her health after her battle with cancer.

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