Kate Middleton’s daughter Princess Charlotte is named the world’s richest child

Kate Middleton with her daughter Charlotte at a random event.
Princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton’s daughter is the world richest child. Pic credit: ©

One would think that the wealthiest child in the world would be the boy who is second in line to be King after his father, Prince William, but no, that is not the case according to a study.

In surprising news, Prince George is not considered the wealthiest child, although he is close to the top.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Prince William will become King of England one day as he is directly in the line of succession as his father’s, King Charles, oldest son.

The website Outdoor Toys, a British company that specializes in the sale of children’s outdoor toys and play equipment, has published a celebrity rich child list for 2024.

One famous princess happens to top the list, outshining her brother by over one billion dollars.

Princess Charlotte has been named the wealthiest celebrity child in 2024

Outdoor Toys has put Charlotte’s worth at 3.9 Billion dollars at the age of eight. Her older brother, George, is worth 2. 8 billion at age 10.

The question is why Charlotte is considered more affluent than her brother, and that fact has a simple answer- her mother.

Kate Middleton is famous for her “Kate Middleton Effect.” Harper’s Bazaar has estimated that Kate boosts the UK fashion economy by one billion dollars a year because of the fashions she wears.

Charlotte directly benefits from her mother’s influencer status. The world is watching what the ladies in the royal family wear especially.

Outdoor Toys explained, “Princess Charlotte is extremely privileged and has access to substantial wealth, including inheritances, investments, and even business ventures.”

The next two children on the celebrity rich list are one-year-old Rza Atheston Mayers, Rhinna’s baby, and Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, age 12. Their worth is estimated at 943 million and 568 million, respectively.

Charlotte’s family have been in the news for their health issues

It has been a busy month for the royal family. Queen Camilla has taken on the face of the monarchy with her many public duties, while King Charles, Kate Middleton, and Prince William have their royal diaries on pause.

Charlotte’s mom, Kate Middleton, made news recently because of her hospitalization for abdominal surgery. She is now at home recovering.

Her very famous grandfather, King Charles, has just been released for his prostate procedure in London.

Fans of the royal family have expressed their good wishes that King Charles and Kate Middleton will recover quickly and resume their everyday lives soon.

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