Kanye West took Chaney Jones to his grandmother’s surprise birthday party: Watch

Kanye West
Kanye West brought Chaney Jones to meet his family. Pic credit: ©

Kanye West appears to be taking things to the next level when it comes to his relationship with Chaney Jones. 

The musician has been staying off of social media recently and out of the public eye but didn’t miss the family gathering to celebrate his grandmother’s 85th birthday. 

Many members of the family were in attendance for the birthday celebration where Kanye surprised his grandma, but another surprise was in store for fans. 

Kanye was seen smiling as he talked with his grandma and his family and even got to introduce Chaney to the family. 

Watch Kanye West’s grandmother meets Chaney Jones

Two videos were shared from the surprise party for Kanye’s grandma.

One video was shared by Kanye’s cousin, fellow musician Lawrenze Franklin. In the caption, Franklin wrote, “This what 85!!!! Looks like My family including my cousin Kanye suprised my grandma for her 85th bday.. Been to long since i Been was a great day..”

The video shows Kanye and family members speaking to their grandmother and then shows another shot of everyone surprising their grandmother for her birthday.

However, another angle of the video shows Chaney being introduced to Kanye’s grandmother.

The angle shows Kanye’s grandmother from behind as people are lined up to give her hugs and best birthday wishes. A family member walks up with Chaney and said, “This is Chaney, Kanye’s girlfriend.”

Kanye hasn’t made a public appearance in over a week, but this video seems to prove that the rapper may not have gone away to get help as some sources claim, after all.

Kanye West gifted Chaney Jones a Birkin bag

Kanye made headlines when he gifted his ex-girlfriend Julia Fox and all of her friends Birkin bags for her birthday, but this may be a trend from the Donda rapper.

Earlier this week, Chaney shared an image on her own Instagram account that features a metallic, silver Birkin bag and a giant vase of silver Venus ET Fleur roses. She thanked Kanye in the caption.

Entertainment Tonight reports that the Birkin from Privé Porter is an extremely rare bag costing more than $275,000. 

Michelle Berk, the CEO of Privé Porter said that that specific Birkin bag was “only made in 2004” and “other notable owners of this bag are Jeffree Star and Bella Hadid.” It is reportedly “one of the most famous and sought after Birkins in the world.”

The roses weren’t cheap either, they appear to be a custom arrangement that costs at least $429 if not more. 

Venus ET Fleur claims all of their flowers are real roses that are guaranteed to last at least a year.

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