Kanye West says Pete Davidson texted him bragging about sleeping with Kim Kardashian in a bizarre prayer

Kanye and Pete text messages
Kanye ignited a feud with Pete Davidson for dating his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency/FS/AdMedia

Pete Davidson’s alleged text messages taunting Kanye West surface after the rapper revealed the exchange during an impromptu prayer.

The SNL comedian has fired back at the rapper, who repeatedly insults him for dating his estranged wife.

The rapper dissed Pete Davidson on his song Eazy and buried the comedian alive in the animated video.

During her divorce proceedings, Kim has continued to date Davidon and went Instagram official with her boyfriend after dropping ‘West’ from her social media handles.

Kanye says Pete Davidson bragged about ‘sleeping with his wife’

Kanye West has let off multiple screenshots and videos criticizing how his children are being raised.

Kanye said Tory Lanez gave him the best advice amid his custody battle before going into prayer.

He prayed for his children, the nannies watching them, and for his children to come to his Sunday Service.

During the impromptu prayer, Kanye says, “The boyfriend text me antagonizing me, bragging about being in bed with my wife,” before questioning: “who is watching my children, if he’s texting me, bragging about being in bed with my wife?”

Kanye vented during the prayer about the status of his marriage, adding that he got the lawyer to finalize the divorce, seemingly hitting back at claims that he is stalking his ex-wife.

Pete Davison text messages to Kanye surface

Stand-up comedian Dave Sirus shared screengrabs of a text exchange between Pete and Kanye, which seemingly backs the rapper’s claims.

In the first message, Pete asks Kanye to calm down in a profanity-laced text and defends Kim’s parenting of the former couple’s four children.

Ye responded, noting Pete’s use of foul language before asking his location.

The SNL comedian responded, “In bed with your wife,” followed by a selfie in which he makes the peace sign with tongue out.

“Happy to see you’re out the hospital and rehab,” the Stronger rapper fired back in response apparently referencing Pete’s past with drug abuse and mental health struggles.

The pair go back and forth about where they could meet for a conversation before Pete offers to help Kanye with his “mental stuff.”

In the text, Pete claims to have prevented SNL and stand-up comedians from making jokes about the rapper for several months because he “doesn’t want the father of my girls kids to look bad out here.”

Pete said he would “stop being nice” if Kanye continued to torment him for dating his ex-wife.

Dave Sirus, who works with Davidson, has deleted the tweet in which he shared the screengrabs of the text exchange, but it has been shared on social media.

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