Kanye West and Ray J reunite to attend Candace Owens’ BLM documentary premiere

Kanye West and Ray J feature
Kanye West and Ray J seemingly show support for Candace Owens. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency/Byron Purvis/AdMedia

Kanye West joined Ray J at the Nashville premiere of Candace Owens’ BLM documentary.

This comes after Ray J’s stunning claims about the sex tape with Kim Kardashian and after Owens leaked an alleged voicemail from Kim where Candace claims that Kim insulted Whitney Houston.

Owens’s documentary, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM, was screened at the Woolworth Theater.

During Season 1 of The Kardashians, footage shows Kim and Kanye’s claims that Kanye met with Ray J at an airport to obtain a computer and a hard drive that contained a second sex tape and gave it to Kim.

However, the SKIMS founder said there was “nothing sexual” in the footage.

This prompted the One Wish singer to put the Kardashians on blast, accusing them of lying about the nature of the tape.

At the screening for Candace’s documentary, Kanye wore an oversized suit-style jacket, his 2024 hat, and a pair of his trademark giant black boots. Kanye’s song Power reportedly played as Candace made her entrance to the event.

Kanye West, Colby Covington, and singer Ray J pictured supporting Candace Owens
Kanye West poses alongside UFC fighter Colby Covington, Candace Owens, and singer Ray J on the red carpet. Pic credit: BACKGRID

Kanye was also pictured with Kid Rock outside the venue after he was introduced to the rock musician by Owens. The pair of musicians reportedly sat together to view the documentary.

Kid Rock and Kanye West at Candice Owen's documentary premiere.
Kanye West and Kid Rock outside the Woolworth Theater. Pic credit: Backgrid

Kanye arrived at the venue with Ray J as the pair have seemingly put their feud to the side. Ye was also filmed throughout his time at the event with a man with an iPhone.

Kanye West attempts to explain his antisemitic tweets

Kanye West was seen leaving the Woolworth Theater after watching Owen’s documentary, which he said he loved.

He was then asked by a TMZ cameraman if he regrets his antisemitic comments about “going death con 3 on Jewish people” in a since-removed tweet.

When asked if he wished harm to Jewish people in a follow-up question, he denied it. He then went on about the experience of Black people in Hollywood to justify his offensive tweet.

Ye went on to claim he is the “richest Black man in America’s history” after confirming Candace Owen’s report that his bank account at JPMorgan Chase was closed for an unspecified reason.

He was then spooked by something passing by, thus ending the impromptu interview.

Candace Owens leaks alleged audio of Kim Kardashian insulting Whitney Houston

Political commentator Owens claims that she acquired a voicemail from Kim Kardashian sent to Ray J in which Kim allegedly insulted Whitney Houston.

The voicemail is made to appear as if it was left after Ray J left Kim for the late singer, which led to the alleged rant on the voicemail in which she calls Ray J “disgusting” and Whitney an “old hag.”

Monsters and Critics has not independently verified the audio published by Owens, though some sources say that it has been edited and the real voicemail clip was likely left after Kim and Ray J’s sex tape was leaked.

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