Ray J calls out The Kardashians for lying about second sex tape for new show

Ray J slams the Kardashians over the second sex tape.
Ray J shuts down the Kardashians and says the second sex tape was a lie. Pic credit: Nelson, ImagePressAgency

Singer Ray J calls out his ex Kim Kardashian and her family on the new Kardashian show, stating that the second sex tape scandal was a lie. 

The Kardashians started their first episode of The Kardashians the same way they did with Keeping Up With The Kardashians by beginning with a sex tape scandal. 

Ray J calls out the Kardashians 

Ray J has recently clapped back at the Kardashians about their alleged second sex tape.

Ray J took to Hollywood Unlocked and commented that “All of this is a lie, smh.” 

Ray J went on to say, “can’t let them do this anymore, so untrue.”

On the third episode of The Kardashians, Kanye West was getting lots of praise from the Kardashian crew surrounding his retrieval of the second sex tape.

Kanye had alluded that he went to the airport to retrieve the sex tape from Ray J.

It was depicted in the show that Kanye West had bought Kim Kardashian a giant suitcase with a computer and a hard drive that supposedly contained the never-before-seen second sex tape footage. 

The Kardashians were overjoyed that Kanye had supposedly gotten the sex tape from Ray J. 

While opening the suitcase, Kim was nearly in tears, stating, “Kanye met up with Ray J and got it all back for me.” 

Kris Jenner, in particular, asked Kanye if he had to pay money for the sex tape.

Kanye replied, “Oh, definitely not. No check. We not gettin’ extorted ever again.” 

Fans do not believe the second sex tape storyline is true 

When it first came out, many fans did not believe the storyline that there was a second sex tape. 

The way the story was presented was seemingly fake to many, as the Kardashians introduced it during the first episode, and it was simply an ad that happened to come up on Saint West’s Roblox game.

The ad alluded that a second sex tape would be released.  

Fans thought that Kim was using the sex tape story to stay relevant and to make people watch their show.

Having Ray J say that it all is untrue further validated some fan assumptions about the story. 

One fan commented, “all for publicity to stay relevant.” 

Some fans believe the Kardashians are only using the sex tape for more publicity.
Pic credit: Access/YouTube

Another chimed in and said, “20 years later, and she’s still using this tape for relevance; It’s embarrassing.” 

Fans are in shock that the Kardashians are still using the sex tape drama after 20 years.
Pic credit: Access/YouTube

Although the Kardashians are sticking to their original story, letting fans believe that the sex tape story is accurate, only time will tell who’s telling the truth

The Kardashians airs on Thursdays on Hulu.

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