Justin Theroux accuses neighbor Norman Resnicow of domestic abuse

Justin Theroux on the red carpet
Justin Theroux has been in a war of words with his New York neighbor Norman Resnicow for 3-years now. Pic credit: © Admedia

Justin Theroux has been in a war of words with his New York neighbor since 2017, and things have just turned even more ugly as the actor has now accused Norman Resnicow of domestic abuse.

TMZ claims to have obtained legal documents filed by Theroux that are demanding civil or criminal charges be brought against his neighbor over his alleged hate-filled angry outbursts.

Theroux is arguing that Resnicow’s angry threats against his wife violate a restraining order put in place as part of their ongoing litigation.

As part of the restraining order, Resnicow is prohibited from harassing or intimidating potential witnesses in his case with Theroux that live in the same exclusive Greenwich Village building. The actor argues that this includes Resnicow’s elderly wife.

Theroux says his neighbor has threatened his wife for weeks

With the New York neighborhood in lockdown because of COVID-19 Theroux claims he has heard Resnicow arguing in a threatening manner with his wife since the beginning of March. Theroux says he made recordings of the alleged abusive behavior as he telephoned the cops.

Theroux dialed the NYPD again on April 30 and May 3, after allegedly hearing the neighbor threaten to break his wife’s teeth.

Theroux has further argued in the legal docs that Resnicow’s alleged outbursts are traumatic for other residents in the building, and he wants his neighbor to be held in contempt and possibly fined or imprisoned.

The two neighbors have been quarreling since 2017 when they started a dispute over some renovation work and rooftop deck.

Theroux’s dispute originates over some outdoor decking

Resnicow seems to dispute Theroux’s claim of ownership over the decking, which caused a New York City judge to get involved last year. Luckily for the Mulholland Drive actor, he was ruled the rightful owner.

Resnicow is Theroux’s downstairs neighbor and has been accused of trespassing on the actor’s outside decking. Theroux says he has peeped in through windows, harrassed construction workers, and threatened to cut off the electricity supply.

Justin Theroux is best known for his work with David Lynch and for his appearances in 2001’s Mulholland Drive and 2006’s Inland Empire. He also had a notable role in 2000s American Psycho.

Jennifer Aniston’s ex is also credited as a screenwriter for movies such as Iron Man 2 and Rock of Ages, and both he and comedic actor Ben Stiller co-wrote Tropic Thunder and Zoolander 2.

Last year, he took on the role of Tramp in the live-action remake of Disney classic Lady and The Tramp.

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