Joy-Anna Duggar gushes over Austin Forsyth, calls him her ‘happy place’

Austin and Joy-Anna selfie from Instagram.
Joy-Anna Duggar gushes over Austin Forsyth. Pic credit: @austinandjoyforsyth/Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar is gushing over her husband, Austin Forsyth again, and fans are loving it. Their relationship has endured a lot over the last year, and they have come out stronger than ever.

As Gideon’s second birthday is fast approaching, the couple has been sharing photos of the little tot and their family. Joy-Anna Duggar has praised Austin Forsyth often, proving that their love is something real.

Last year, the couple suffered an unimaginable loss when they had to deliver their little girl who passed away at around 20-weeks gestation. Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth named their daughter Annabell Elise, and they laid her to rest in a special place.

Not only did they mourn the loss when it happened, but they also were reminded as several other babies were born around the same time as their baby girl would have been due.

There has been speculation that Joy-Anna Duggar could be expecting again. The latest photo shared by the couple was cropped above the waist, adding fuel to the fire.

It has been nearly seven months since Joy-Anna lost her little girl. They have discussed letting her body heal before becoming pregnant again, but there is still suspicion she may be with child.

Just weeks before, Joy-Anna Duggar lost her Grandma Mary Duggar suddenly. This death was hard on the entire family as she was such an important fixture. June was an intense month for Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth.

Despite all of the heartache brought on in 2019, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth appear to be happy and enjoying life. They have a lot to look forward to this year as they just moved into a new home.

This is their first home together that they will live in for the long-term. They ditched camper life and have made the house they bought a home.

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