John Mayer saw Bob Saget in a dream and he ‘cried like a baby’

John Mayer and Bob Saget
John Mayer revealed that he dreamt of his late friend Bob Saget. Pic credit: © /Carrie-Nelson

John Mayer has revealed that a young Bob Saget visited him in his dreams.

Speaking in Netflix’s Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute, the singer, 44, said that he was overcome with emotion when he saw the late comedian.

Bob Saget sadly died in January at the age of 65 after accidentally hitting his head.

What John Mayer said to Bob Saget in his dream

During the Netflix special, John said: “The other night I had a dream, and I woke up crying because I saw Bob.”

John continued, “Oh man, it was young Bob, and we were about to go into a restaurant that I knew and he didn’t know, and I looked right at him and I said, ‘You gotta know how much I love you.’”

“Yeah, I know, fine,” John recalled Bob saying.

John persisted, “No, I’m telling you. You gotta know how much I love you.”

Describing what he did when he woke up, the Gravity singer said: “Of course cried like a baby.”

He added: “I said out loud, ‘I love you, Bob, but I got to go back to sleep,’ and I heard him say, ‘Go back to sleep, go back to sleep. You have to go back to sleep, you have to. You have stuff tomorrow'”

John finished, “That’s no different than the magic of when he was around. And I learned that. It’s not a jump to go from here to there. Because there is nothing different about the way we access the people we love when they’re there [points up] than when they are here [on Earth].”

John Mayer’s tribute after Bob Saget passed away

Two days after Bob passed away in January, John penned a sweet tribute alongside black and white photos of the two together.

He wrote: “My brother Bob was a force of nature; a big tall love monster who would hug me and rest his head on my shoulder. His love for those around him was always accounted for.”

“He was deep and wide and vast, and he would’ve probably made a joke about me saying ‘deep and wide.’ The man had range. I’ve met many people in my life, but when Bob crossed my path, I just held onto him, and I wasn’t letting go.”

John added: “I knew he was the realest thing. I would like you to know that the man you hope was as awesome as you think, was way beyond what you can ever imagine. He was impossibly kind. And generous. And loving. And I have more to say so please let me do like one more of these, okay? It’s just the way it’s gonna be.”

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