Jill Duggar switches up her wardobe, adding jeans and pants to her closet

Jill Duggar during a confessional on Counting On
Jill Duggar is coming into her own style. Pic credit: TLC

Jill Duggar has broken barriers and decided to change up her style in recent years. Since marrying Derick Dillard in 2014, she had come into her own and branched out with her appearance.

Most recently, Jill Duggar shared a photo of herself wearing a clothing brand she has partnered with. Not only was she wearing pants, but also a form-fitting shirt. While this may not be out of the ordinary for regular 20-somethings, it is most definitely outside of the Duggar comfort zone.

Why has Jill Duggar switched up her wardrobe?

As Jill Duggar approached her 5-year anniversary with Derick Dillard, she is donning some very different looks. Instead of the dresses and skirts that Duggar fans are used to seeing her wear, she has been sporting more pants and form-fitting attire.

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Since moving away from the Duggar family home, Jill has been trying out new looks. She even had her nose pierced. While her makeover made headlines all over, Jill has remained silent about the decision to change things up.


Is Jill Duggar the most rebellious?

While it may surprise Counting On fans, Jill Duggar isn’t known as the most rebellious Duggar daughter. Jinger has her beat there because she is the one sister who got the ball rolling by wearing pants and essentially changing her entire style once she was married.

Some viewers were shocked to learn that Jill was “allowed” to wear pants given how conservative her husband, Derick Dillard is. He has gotten himself into a world of trouble on social media, even costing the pair their ability to appear on Counting On.

Now that Jill Duggar is branching out within her wardrobe, she is getting plenty of attention. Don’t let that fool you though, she is still wearing dresses and skirts as well.

Counting On airs Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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