Jill Duggar rumored to be expecting — Is another Duggar grandchild on the way?

Jill Duggar during her appearance on Counting On.
Jill Duggar may be joining the baby boom. Pic credit: TLC

Jill Duggar is once again at the center of pregnancy rumors. With all of her family members around her making announcements, it isn’t shocking to learn that the mom of two would be on the suspect list for the next baby on the way.

Currently, Jill Duggar has two sons and her husband, Derick Dillard is in law school. She was the first Duggar daughter to get married and start a family. Her siblings who are expecting are all either newly pregnant or welcoming more children into their expanding families.

A photo on Instagram prompted the speculation to go wild about Jill Duggar expecting again. She visited her cousin Amy Duggar’s clothing shop and walked out with some new outfits. Of course, it is an influencer post. This was done in hopes of driving more business for the store.

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If you scroll through the post to see the second photo, Jill Duggar doesn’t appear to be pregnant. In fact, the dress she is wearing appears to prove that she is not expecting.

Followers jumped the gun because of the shopping bag perfectly in front of her stomach, leading to speculation she could be hiding a baby bump.

It has been a while since Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar were a part of the Counting On crew. The network dropped him following some transphobic comments against Jazz Jennings and his statements about the network that employed him.

Now, updates regarding their little family are few and far in between.

There is no definitive answer about whether Jill Duggar is expecting right now. It is possible given the sudden baby boom for the family right now, but if she is, an announcement is likely spaced out as to overshadow the recent revelation that Lauren Swanson is expecting her rainbow baby.

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