Jessica Simpson tells Jimmy Kimmel: I kissed Justin Timberlake after divorce from Nick Lachey

Jessica Simpson on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Jessica Simpson shared a kiss with Justin Timberlake. Pic credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

Jessica Simpson was speaking about her new book on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and she casually announced she had shared a “nostalgic” kiss with Justin Timberlake after her divorce from Nick Lachey.

While reminiscing about her failed audition with the Mickey Mouse Club when she was 12-years-old, Jimmy asked Jessica if she’d had a relationship with the other “Mouseketeers.”

She responded by saying that “throughout life, we all found our way back to each other, we were in the same circuit.”

She spoke of being close to Justin Timberlake, saying that after her divorce, and when he “was out of a relationship,” the pair shared a kiss. As they kissed, she thought, “well, this is interesting.”

Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling had a bet

After the kiss, she said Justin took out his cellphone and started texting, which left Jessica wondering if he was texting another girl or if she had done something wrong. As it turned out, he was texting fellow Mouseketeer Ryan Gosling.

We then learned that Justin and Ryan made a bet as 12-year-olds concerning who would be first to kiss Jessica. Justin was texting Ryan to claim his winnings. Jessica didn’t know how much or what they bet, but maybe Justin earned the right to boast.

Jessica’s response to Justin at the time was, “Oh okay, Um… so we don’t kiss again, that’s done.”

12-year-old Jessica wanted to kiss Ryan Gosling

However, the With You singer revealed that 12-year-old Jessica would rather have kissed Ryan.

“Ryan was the one that I was, like…when I was 12, I was, like, ‘This guy is so cool, and he’s from Canada, I don’t know where that is on the map, but I really think that that’s amazing.'” She added, “there was something so cute about him.”

Jimmy joked, “I still feel that way about him.”

So there you have it, Nick Lachey isn’t the only boyband guy that Jessica has kissed. Good on her.

In the interview, Jessica also spoke of her disappointment at her failed audition for the Mickey Mouse Club. She said at the time, “it was painful… In the moment, it was the most devastating thing I’d gone through.”

She also spoke about firing her dad as her manager at a family dinner. She said her parents had been going through a divorce at the time, and firing him felt like the best way to deal with the situation.


Oh, how we all love a good bit of celebrity gossip.

Jessica hit the headlines last year over losing a whopping 100 pounds thanks to a strict training regime.

Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake had to defend himself last year over his romantic endeavors. He apologized publicly to his wife, Jessica Biel after he was caught flirting with Palmer co-star Alisha Wainright.

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