Jessica Simpson looks ‘Kardashianized’ while hinting at new music

Jessica Simpson car selfie
Jessica Simpson gets called out for looking “Kardashianized.” Pic credit: @jessicasimpson/Instagram

Jessica Simpson teased new music, but all followers and critics can focus on are her looks.

It’s no secret that the pop star has gained and lost weight over the years, the most recent loss being over 100 pounds.

She has maintained her weight loss, and her appearance has changed due to her fluctuating weight.

Despite being open about how she lost the weight, critics can’t help but wonder what cosmetic work she’s done — especially regarding her face.

Jessica looked red hot while teasing her new lyrics and posing with her sister, Ashlee, but the focus was on her different look.

And not only has she been called “unrecognizable,” but things have gotten progressively worse for the songstress.

Jessica Simpson was called out for looking ‘Kardashianized”

Jessica Simpson took to social media to tease new music coming, but it was how she looked that caught everyone’s attention.

She shared a carousel of images and a video while wearing a flattering red dress.

The former reality TV star wrote, “Souls Are Catchin’ Fire 🔥 new lyric tease 🔥”

While she was clearly feeling herself, her critics were busy filling up the comment section with comments about her looks.

One said, “She doesn’t even seem the same. Like her spirit/ who she is just isn’t even coming through at all anymore. It’s like she’s a vacant Barbie doll. Where’s the real jess.”

Another wrote, “She’s been Kardashianized 😢” The irony is that Jessica’s daughter is best friends with Kim Kardashian’s oldest child, North West.

A third revealed they didn’t know who “this was,” while someone suggested “rearranging your face” should be “illegal.”

Comments about Jessica Simpson
Fans react to new-look Jessica Simpson. Pic credit: @jessicasimpson/Instagram

Oof. Jessica found herself the target of some harsh criticism.

Jessica Simpson’s looks have been a hot topic

After dropping 100 pounds, Jessica Simpson continued to make headlines as her confidence grew.

She began sharing more about her clothing brand while modeling the clothing herself.

While most of the feedback has been positive, there have been questions about how she lost the weight and whether Ozempic had anything to do with it. It’s become popular in Hollywood.

It seems that Jessica is ready to step back into the spotlight. New music coming from her is exciting for fans, especially because she has stepped away from the business for over a decade.

Not only is new music coming, but a tour announcement should follow. 2024 should be a big one for Jessica Simpson and her family.

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