Jennifer Lopez shares her most famous dress and other skin-baring looks in montage of green outfits

Pop star/actress JENNIFER LOPEZ at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Paul Smith / Featureflash
Jennifer Lopez shared throwback photos of her green dresses, including the iconic Versace dress she wore at the Grammys in 2000. Pic credit: © Smith/Featureflash

No one knows how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day quite like Jennifer Lopez and her vast green wardrobe. 

The star shared a series of photos to her Instagram story with the caption, “#HappyStPatricksDay#ShadesOfGreen#LuckyColor.” While JLo may not be Irish, green is certainly her “lucky color,” and she provided the pics to prove it. 

She shared several photos of some of her green outfits over the years, including her famous green Versace jungle dress.

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Whether fans celebrated the luck of the Irish or the luck of being a JLo fan, St. Patrick’s Day was the perfect time to take a look at JLo’s past looks. 

Jennifer Lopez reflects on green outfits for St. Patrick’s Day, shares iconic green Versace dress

JLo stunned fans with her iconic green outfits over the years. 

She shared a red carpet photo of a dark green dress complete with a slit side and neckline as well as shots of her green cutout bodysuit. The bodysuit featured several sheer cutout sections and impressive fishnets.

Jennifer Lopez shares green outfits on Instagram - features green dress with side slit and green body suit
Pic credit: @jlo/Instagram

Along with some of her sexiest looks, JLo shared photos of some of her more modest green dresses, one sage-colored dress gave the star a very elegant appearance while one dress featured a high neckline but sheer sleeves with ornate floral designs. 

Images from Jennifer Lopez Instagram story showing the darker sage green dress and the floral patterned dress
Pic credit: @jlo/Instagram

One of the dresses showed a profile of JLo’s incredible figure as the dress had a completely open side. The dress actually didn’t have a side at all, the fabric came together at the neckline and fell open down the rest of JLo’s body. 

The glittering green garment was paired with nothing but gold heels and JLo’s stunning body. Fans can see a leggy display and her full nude profile along with some sideboob action. 

Jennifer Lopez Instagram Story - open green dress
Pic credit: @jlo/Instagram

Each of these green outfits showed JLo’s incredible sense of fashion and her ability to pull off any look she wants, but there was one look that almost all JLo fans could recognize anywhere. 

JLo included the green Versace jungle dress, an iconic look that made headlines. 

Jennifer Lopez Versace jungle dress
Pic credit: @jlo/Instagram

The story behind Jennifer Lopez’s iconic green Versace jungle dress

In a Vogue video interview, Jennifer Lopez opened up about the thought she put into wearing the dress— or lack thereof. She said, “I really didn’t think about it. I didn’t think it was all that risque, to be honest.”

JLo was “more excited that it was the Grammys” and let her dress become an afterthought, not knowing that it would become The Dress of Jennifer Lopez for years to come. 

The dress’s deep V-neck showed onlookers not only her cleavage but went so deep that her bellybutton was visible, not leaving much to the imagination. 

JLo said, “In terms of my career, this dress really marked a moment in time. If you don’t know my music and you don’t know my movies, people know about that moment and that dress — that was it.” 

JLo chose the dress the day of the Grammys and it was apparent as soon as she tried it on that it was the right choice for the event. Although some tried to tell her she shouldn’t wear it because it had been worn before, Lopez went with the dress since it was the day of the Grammys. 

The reactions when she stepped out onto the red carpet were immediate, even her then-boyfriend Diddy knew that that dress would make waves for JLo. 

JLo first wore the dress in 2000 but wore it again for the Milan fashion show in 2019 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the dress.

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