Jennifer Lopez makeup free while sharing skin tips and affirmations

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez shares makeup-free look and beauty tips. Pic credit: ©

Jennifer Lopez has amazing skin, and she wants to help fans achieve her JLo glow. 

The talented dancer and actress shared a five-minute-long video on her Instagram. The video was full of tips and tricks for fans looking to increase their skincare game.

A bare-faced JLo gives an intimate look at her home life, including a snippet of her morning routine, which sets her up for success.

Jennifer Lopez goes makeup-free while sharing skin tips and affirmations

Jennifer Lopez went makeup-free for the latest video she added on her Instagram. 

The tutorial was part of promotions for her beauty line JLo Beauty.

The video starts with a bare-faced Jennifer Lopez in a white robe. The singer takes out an affirmation card from her box of affirmation cards that she keeps outside of the shower.

JLo reads the affirmation, a quote by Hellen Keller about happiness and success beginning from within a person. 

Jennifer then begins her beauty routine by applying a JLo serum to her face. She allows the serum to sink into her skin and continues to discuss the importance of setting intentions in the morning. She maintains a positive mindset and does her skincare before touching her phone. 

Next, Lopez adds sunscreen to her face and neck for protection against UV rays. Jennifer reveals that she has worn sunscreen since her late teens, and doing so helps her immensely. She explains the importance of wearing sunscreen even on a cloudy day to protect against environmental damage. 

Finally, she adds eye cream under her eye and dabs a little onto her forehead, between her eyebrows. 

She wrote in the caption, “My morning routine with affirmations that feed my soul and skincare that delivers that glow.”

Jennifer hopes to help fans gain the same glow as she has.

Jennifer Lopez celebrates the 25th anniversary of Selena

This year, the movie that put JLo on the map turns 25.

Lopez played the role of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez in the singer’s biopic Selena in 1997. Jennifer celebrated the 25th anniversary of Selena by sharing old interviews and clips from the movie. 

She also shared an interview she did with Oprah in the late 90s. The clip shows a young Jennifer as she explains the importance of the film and the role.

JLo’s next film release is Shotgun Wedding, a romance and action film with a June release date.

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