Jason Derulo TikTok prank: Singer appears to chip his teeth while eating corn on a drill

Jason Derulo prank on TikTok
Jason Derulo pranks his followers on TikTok. Pic credit: @chrissyteigen/Instagram

Singer Jason Derulo took to TikTok on Tuesday to share a video that appeared to show a “life hack” experiment that went catastrophically wrong.

The TikTok video shows the Talk Dirty singer eating corn on the cob mounted on a spinning drill bit.

“Have y’all seen this? I’ve always wanted to try it. Lifehack,” Derulo says at the start of the TikTok video captioned, “Don’t try this.”

The singer then opened his mouth and proceeded to use his upper front teeth to scrape the corn from the cob while the drill bit was spinning.

The curious experiment proceeds uneventfully at first, but he suddenly yells in pain and puts his hand on his mouth. He then opens his mouth to reveal what appeared to be two chipped upper front teeth.

Chrissy Teigen shared the video on her Instagram:

Did Derulo chip his teeth?

Although many viewers immediately guessed that it was a prank, some feared that the 30-year-old In My Head singer might have chipped his teeth.

It looked like he was missing his front teeth in the video.

But when he later posted a video showing him with his full set of teeth, many guessed that the trick must have involved some form of optical video illusion.

Today noted it was not the first time that Derulo pranked his TikTok followers. In the past, he posted a TikTok video that made it look like his body had separated from his head.

He had another fun video where he wiped a mirror to reveal another person standing in front of it

Derulo’s viral steamy Bali pic

Jason Derulo’s latest prank comes after he caused a stir on Instagram in December with a viral photo that showed him posing in boxers while vacationing in Bali.

The tightfitting boxers revealed an outline of his manhood.

Instagram later took down the photo, saying that Derulo violated “Community Guidelines on nudity or sexual activity” by showing “aroused genitalia.”

Derulo protested Instagram’s decision to take down the photo. He argued that Instagram shouldn’t have taken it down because he was not naked but had underwear on. He added cheekily that he couldn’t help his size.

“They [Instagram] gotta understand I can’t help my size,” he said on his Instagram Story.

“Y’all ain’t gonna believe it. Instagram took down my by Bali pic. They took down by Bali pic! Hey listen…[laughs]… all these girls be on Instagram showing the a** and all kinda crazy s**t, and I got underwear on… in Bali, and they took my pic down… that’s discrimination.”

He also responded to Instagram’s claim that he showed “aroused genitalia,” saying he was only “semi-aroused,” according to TMZ.

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