Jamie Lee Curtis praises Lindsay Lohan: ‘She is a great talent’

Lindsay Lohan is seen at The Ivy Chelsea Garden Restaurant
Jamie Lee Curtis praises Lindsay Lohan. Pic credit: ©

Jamie Lee Curtis is singing the praises of Lindsay Lohan. 

The two actresses worked together for the 2003 hit Freaky Friday, in which Jamie Lee played Lindsay’s mother. 

Jamie Lee Curtis praises Lindsay Lohan

Jamie Lee told People that she is still in touch with her former co-star, Lindsay Lohan. 

When asked if she had seen Lohan’s recent Super Bowl commercial for Planet Fitness, Jamie Lee confirmed she had, adding, “I’m just happy that she’s happy.”

She is a great talent,” Jamie Lee continued. “And she’s had a lot on her plate at a very young age. It seems like she is settling into a really happy domestic life — she’s engaged.”

“We’re in contact, and the fact that she can poke fun at herself a little [means] we can all poke fun at ourselves, believe me. Show business is very difficult, and being in front of the tabloid press is very difficult; it’s really brutal. So God bless her,” Jamie Lee said.

Lindsay Lohan’s Super Bowl commercial

The Planet Fitness Super Bowl commercial, referred to in the above interview, was one in which the theme was “What’s gotten into Lindsay?” 

The commercial poked fun at Lindsay’s checkered past, depicting that she’s trading in her DUIs for DIYs. It also features paparazzi who are sad that Lindsay doesn’t frequent the club anymore but rather chooses to get a full night’s rest. 

Lindsay Lohan opens up about her health 

Lindsay seems to be doing well these days. 

She recently opened up to Health about how she takes care of her mental health. 

“I meditate daily. Once a day, I take 10 to 15 minutes, and I do some breathing work paired with some spiritual prayers. It gives me time to focus. I will actually go into the bathroom to meditate. I turn on the shower and leave it running while I do it. It may sound weird, but the sound of the water calms me—it’s cozy and feels like no one can bother you,” Lindsay shared with Health.

Lindsay Lohan has new movies coming out

On top of getting her health in check, Lindsay seems to be making a comeback to the film industry

She has scored a two-movie deal with Netflix, following one movie that has already been filmed. 

Lindsay has already filmed the holiday movie, Falling for Christmas. It is a holiday romantic comedy set to be released on Netflix later this year. 

The release date of Lindsay’s newest Netflix movies has not yet been released.

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