James Charles subscriber count plummets after Tati Westbrook calls him out on YouTube, Instagram

James Charles and Tati Westbrook YouTube videos
James Charles’ subscriber count plummets after Tati Westbrook calls him out on Instagram. Pic credit: James Charles/Tati Westbrook/YouTube

James Charles and Tati Westbrook are the latest YouTubers to find themselves in a huge feud and honestly, their drama has come as a huge surprise to many who follow the beauty influencers on social media.

This drama has been brewing for weeks now as makeup lovers wondered what was going on but now we have answers straight from Tati’s mouth.

After Tati took aim at James in a recent video titled Bye Sister, James Charles’ YouTube subscriber count has been steadily falling as the line is drawn and many have decided to unfollow the controversial makeup guru.

What started the fallout between James Charles and Tati Westbrook

It all started back in April when James Charles shared a promotion for Sugar Bear Hair Care vitamins on his Instagram stories.

That sounds innocent enough since YouTubers and influencers share promotional posts all the time except that James’ former close friend Tati has her own line of vitamins that are a direct competitor to Sugar Bear.

Soon after, Tati shared an Instagram story where she talked about a friend who “used” her and said that she felt lost and betrayed by that person.

Tati Westbrook didn’t name James Charles outright but those who follow them both were quickly able to put the pieces together.

James knew Tati was upset with him and even took to Instagram again in a video where he tearfully apologized to Tati for hurting her.

He denied taking payment for the Sugar Bear ad and claimed he had taken their sleep vitamins after their team assisted him with security at Coachella.

Bye Sister – Tati Westbrook explains why she is done

In her latest video, which has already amassed more than 2 million views, Tati Westbrook called out James Charles after the apology, claiming that he was lying about why he decided to post about Sugar Bear Hair Care vitamins.

Tati Westbrook captioned her 43-minute video titled Bye Sister by saying, “This is the hardest video I’ve ever had to make, please try to watch the entire video before commenting. If you must comment, please keep it respectful. xo’s ~ Tati.”

Then, she went on for several minutes explaining their former friendship, which she says she does not want to continue anymore and that she wants to cut all ties from this point forward.

She talked about how she, as a much older beauty influencer, took James Charles under her wing and did everything she could to help him to be successful simply to be helpful to him.

She said that she and her husband cared about him and wanted him to do well.

Tati Westbrook also addressed a recent video made by Gabriel Zamora, where he seemingly claimed that Tati’s relationship with James Charles was “transactional” and that she was using him to gain subscribers.

Tati said she absolutely was not trying to get anything from her friendship with James besides just that. S

he said that their history goes back to before his CoverGirl contract or his deal with Morphe, which she explained was better because of her involvement and her advice when he was negotiating that deal.

She also said that there were some things that were said and messaged to her by James Charles that were so disgusting that she couldn’t even talk about them.

She then took aim at James’ love for “straight boys” and went in on him for a situation where she claims that he used his money and clout to get someone to do things they may not normally do.

Tati called James Charles out for lying about the Sugar Bear Hair Care deal, saying there’s no way that the deal just happened to pop up at Coachella because they helped him with security.

Instead, she claimed it had to have been pre-planned but that James felt bad afterward for conflicting with her Halo Beauty vitamins and made up a story so she wouldn’t be hurt and embarrassed by it.

In concluding her video, Tati asked her followers to let her move forward, not flooding the comments section with drama about James Charles as she works to give back to women and work on her brand.

James Charles’ subscriber count plummets while Tati Westbrook’s subscriber count surges

So far, James has not responded to Tati’s video but don’t be too surprised if he does as it has only been posted for less than one day.

In that time, James Charles has continued to lose followers but now at a much larger rate.

According to Social Blade, James Charles has lost nearly 335,000 subscribers in just one day.

In comparison, the same site claims Tati Westbrook has increased her subscriber count by more than 264,000 in that same time frame.

It looks like the beauty lovers are quickly taking sides and they are lining up with Tati Westbrook.

Does that mean James Charles is canceled? He still boasts more than 16 million YouTube subscribers so even though James is losing fans fast, he still has quite a long way to fall in order for that to happen.

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