Jade & Baddie Gi Instagram: Who is the bartender accused of sleeping with Offset?

Jade Gi bartender connected to Offset
Cardi B allegedly accused Jade Gi of having an affair with Offset. Pic Credit: Jade Gi

Jade and Baddie Gi are the bartenders who Cardi B allegedly orchestrated an attack on at a strip club. As previously reported, it is believed that Jade Gi had an affair with Migos rapper Offset. Cardi B turned herself into to the police over the alleged assault. 

Who is Jade Gi? 

The Instagram famous model is a bartender who works at the Angels Gentlemen’s Club in New York. Jade Gi has a daughter and is sisters with fellow bartender model Baddie G. The father of her child appears to be serving a prison sentence. The Migos were reportedly performing at the Angels Gentlemen’s Club when the alleged assault took place.  


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The strip club’s Hip-Hop elite guests include DJ Envy, A Boogie Wit Tha Hoodie, Funk Flex, Meek Mill and Asap Rocky.  


The Strip Club incident 

It is not clear what sparked the strip club attack, and Jade has denied having an affair with Offset. Cardi B reportedly reacted to a drink being thrown, but it is unclear who threw the drink or whether the Bodak Yellow rapper was the target.  

There is footage of Cardi B in the strip club the night the attack occurred, but the scuffle was not caught on camera. A TMZ report states that Jade Gi claimed the 25-year-old rapper has been threatening her for several months for sleeping with Offset.  

Baddie Gi and Jade reportedly saw Cardi at an Atlanta hotel before the incident where the rapper accused the bartender of having an affair with Offset. Five members of Card’s entourage are allegedly responsible for the assault.

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