Is Eugenia Cooney dead? A ‘death record’ fuels speculation, PewDiePie and others send their support

Eugenia cooney anorexia dead
Eugenia Cooney’s appearance, along with a social media silence, has led to speculation about her death. Pic credit: Eugenia Cooney/YouTube

YouTuber Eugenia Cooney hasn’t updated her social media accounts for over a week, leading to speculation that she is dead. However, there is nothing to suggest that she actually is. 

Her last video was another Kingdom Hearts Kairi cosplay and makeup tutorial, but showed what appeared to be dramatic weight-loss — with her bones and skeletal structure clearly visible.

Many have speculated that Eugenia suffers from bulimia or anorexia, however she has previously denied any claims that she has an eating disorder. 

Popular YouTubers including Keemstar, Onision, and PewDiePie have urged their viewers to send her support.

PewDiePie described Cooney as a “lovely girl” and said the following about her recent video:

“I just really want people to send her as much support and love as possible, and I really mean that. I think that’s the only thing she needs right now and I hope that she will listen to people and try and understand where they’re coming from.” 

After her recent social media silence, many started speculating that Eugenia Cooney had passed away. However, there have been no reports to substantiate these claims.  

On January 28, Eugenia Cooney took to Twitter to state that she is alive and was surprised to hear rumors about her death. 

However, she hasn’t returned to social media since her last hiatus, which was for about one week — leading to renewed speculation. 

There have been many debates on social media about Eugene Cooney’s health. 

There is also a fake document claiming that Eugenia Cooney died at age 24, which helped fuel the speculation about her current status. 

There have been efforts in the past to remove Eugenie from YouTube due to fears about her health. Two years ago, a petition garnered over 16,000 signatures to remove her videos from YouTube.  

According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders about 30 million people of all ages suffer from an eating disorder in the U.S. 

Eugenia Cooney has not released a statement on any of the latest developments.

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