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Is Brad Pitt a Scientologist? Fight Club star took Scientology courses while dating actress Juliette Lewis

Actor Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt dabbled in Scientology in the early 1990s. Pic credit: ©

Brad Pitt was involved with the controversial Church of Scientology in the early 1990s before he became a Hollywood superstar.

He was introduced to the Church of Scientology by the actress and singer Juliette Lewis, who was his girlfriend at the time.

Is Brad Pitt still a Scientologist?

He was part of the organization for about three years before he broke up with Lewis and left the church in 1993, according to a report by The Sun.

A source told The Sun that Brad Pitt underwent a course known as the Purification Rundown at the church’s Portland Celebrity Center in 1992.

Pitt reportedly took and completed multiple Scientology courses between 1991 and 1993 in Los Angeles and Portland.

Pitt was “twinned” with a 15-yr-old girl while undergoing a “purification” course

The source, reportedly a former member of the Church of Scientology, revealed that Pitt was “twinned” with a 15-year-old girl while undergoing the Purification Rundown at the Portland Celebrity Center.

Pitt spent about five hours a day in a hot sauna, as part of purification rituals, and the teenage girl sat with him.

The source told The Sun:

“She sat in the sauna with Pitt every day for the month, or so, that it took to get through it. She was definitely in the sauna with him, but there was nothing bad about it.”

The source said he met the girl, a daughter of a loyal church member in Portland, while he was being trained at the Portland Celebrity Center to serve as a course supervisor.

The girl told him that Brad Pitt was allowed to undergo the Purification Rundown at the facility in Portland, instead of LA, to “keep out of the public eye.”

It was reportedly a common practice in the Church of Scientology to pair members undergoing courses with others so that they can help each other get through the grueling process.

However, The Sun noted there was no suggestion that Pitt did anything wrong during the time he spent with the teenage girl.

A former Scientology supervisor opens up about Brad Pitt

Michael Mallen, a former Church of Scientology supervisor, who left the Chruch of Scientology in 2014, also recalled that he supervised Pitt when he came to the Los Angeles Celebrity Center “around 1991.”

According to Mallen, Pitt came to the Celebrity Center in Los Angeles before he gained wide recognition for his role in Thelma & Louise (1991). So, Pitt was not yet very famous at the time.

Mallen recalled that he verbally abused Pitt while he was undergoing the “Therapeutic TRs course.”

On one occasion, during a “bullbaiting” session, Mallen insulted Pitt so much that he abruptly left of the room.

A bullbaiting session, according to Mallen, involved a coach trying to upset the trainee and get an emotional response from them. The purpose of the session is to be able to sit through the ill treatment without reacting in any way.

But Pitt’s girlfriend, Juliette Lewis, was able to get him to return and complete the session after he had cooled off.

Pitt’s involvement in the Church of Scientology was short, reportedly ending in 1993, the same year he and Juliette Lewis split.

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